These narrow framed Colts were the rage back in the old days and with a little care and upgrading make excellent carry pistols today. They have a very, very low profile, decent capacity and were accurate and reliable.

They carry well on the hip and in a shoulder rig, natural rounded edges, and have few sharp edges. That’s why we called it the Legacy carry.

They had one other attribute, they were very pleasant to fire, very little kick,  and a grip that anyone seemed comfortable with including smaller hands. This is a fantastic firearm for a woman with small hands after it has been checked and updated by our gunsmiths.

Maybe it was a hand me down from your Dad or you found one at a gun show. We stripped the blue, cleaned up the edges, refinished in hard chrome, new grips, gave it a street tune and Voila!

pastedgraphic-54.gif image_med-6.png