Description of Work Price
Note : Prices Are Labor Only And Do Not Include The Parts Or Finishing
Trigger Adjustments:
Action Job $125.00
Install Rogers Mechanical Trigger System $351.00
Install Aftermarket Triggers $30.00
Scope Mounting:
IPSC Pistols $120.00
Sight Installations (Front):
Staked in Original Hole (repair) $35.00
Silver Soldered $50.00
Night Sight Installed (Staked) (+parts) $55.00
Cross Dovetail Front Sight Cuts $50.00
Colored Sight Dots Installed:
Single Dot Front Sight $30.00
Triple Dot $65.00
Rear Sights:
Novak Low Meld $90.00
Kimber Fixed Sight Cut $90.00
Kimber Style Lo-Meld $90.00
S&W Style N Frame Sight Mod 27 into Dovetail $160.00
Bo Mar Style BMCS Low melt Standard Cut $125.00
Combat Low Meld Shrouded Head Bo Mar Style $175.00
High Mount Fixed Rear $35.00
High Mount Adjustable Rear $35.00
Night Sights $55.00
We Sight in Your Firearm – Ammo not Included $35.00
Note: Origin of MELD, a blend of melt and weld, First Known Use: 1936 and it referred to the fitting of a part and welding of the part to structure


Description of Work Price
Hard chrome matte or 100% matte or brushed flats / matte rounds $290.00
Modify original sight system to fiber optic $100.00
Tighten frame to slide and relieve in front of battery $125.00
Action job $125.00
Cost of comp. system on 45 Win Mag and smaller $700.00
Cost of comp. system on 50 AE Grizzlies $800.00
3 Port $190.00
4 Port $250.00
Desert Eagle 4 Ports $180.00

CUSTOM ACCESSORIES INSTALLED (does not include price of the part)

Description of Work Price
Minimum Labor $50.00
Extended Standard Thumb Safety $35.00
Ambidextrous Safeties $50.00
Beavertail Grip Safety $95.00
Tune Extractors $20.00
Kreiger Accurail System $296.00
S & A Ambidextrous Magazine Release $50.00
Fit S & A Magazine Guide to Frame $85.00
Brown Maxi-Magwell $130.00
Over Size Stock Bushings Per set $30.00
Extractors or Ejectors Installed and Fitted Labor only $20.00
Adjust High Cap Mag for Function (Plus ammo if needed) Each $60.00


Description of Work Price
Square Trigger Guard $80.00
Funnel Magazine well $85.00
Custom Carry Bevel Package $75.00
Extreme Meld Down Clark Style Trigger guard $265.00
Relieve Grip Frame Under Trigger Guard $50.00
Tighten Frame and Slide $95.00 - 125.00
Lower Ejection Port $35.00
Flare Ejection port $35.00
Clark Giles Adjustable Slide Tightener $160.00
Skeletonize Slide (Per Cut) $45.00
Flat Cut Top of Slide $50.00
Cocking serrations (Front of Slide) $150.00
Line Top of Slide 30LPI (Slide must be flat cut first) $150.00
S & A Para Ordinance (Magazine Guide) $100.00


Description of Work Price
Single Chamber Carry Comp (1 or 2 ports, for Officers Model and Combat Commander) $400.00
Single Chamber (Three Ports) $425.00
Dual Chamber (Two Port) $475.00
Dual Chamber (Three Port) $525.00
Dual Chamber (Full Profile) $700.00
Guide Rod $25.00-100.00
Recoil springs $8.00
Match barrels $150-300.00
Fitting Barrels See Prices Above.
For .45 ACP, 10MM, 40 S&W, or 38 Super compensator type systems:
They include the following: 5” or 5-3/4” match barrel, Lower ejection port, new recoil spring, full length or extended configuration.
Tigertooth Cuts To Front or Back of Gripframe $150.00-250.00


Description of Work Price
Please Read: There may be Extra Charges For Checkering and Stippling on specific brands as some manufacturers employ extra hardening techniques or unique alloys. The base prices above are for Colt and Springfield Armory 4140 standard type Chrome-Moly frames.
The “harder alloys” results in increased tool wear and time by the pistol-smith/craftsman.
This is entirely done by hand in the old world tradition. It is unmatched by machine type processes which look like they were done with a machine.
Add : If you wish finer checkering with more lines than are usually standard for that particular position, please add 15% to the base price.
Add : Again very hard aftermarket receivers like Caspian, and Kimber, or stainless steel frames, please add 25% to the base prices.
Front Grip Frame (20 Lines Per Inch) Checkering $300.00
Stippling $150.00
High Capacity Frames (20 Lines Per Inch) Checkering Only $325.00
Front Trigger Guard (40 Lines Per Inch) Checkering $75.00
Stippling $40.00
Main Spring Housing (20 Lines Per Inch) Checkering $100.00
Stippling $60.00
Line Back Of Slide (40 Lines Per Inch) Line $45.00
Checkering Back Of Slide (40 Lines Per Inch) Checkering $105.00


Description of Work Price
Street Action Job $115.00
Porting Depends on Barrel Length -2 port $100.00
-3 port $150.00
Throat and Polish Feed Ramp $45.00
Fitting Aftermarket Barrels $150.00
Jewel Barrel Chamber $50.00
Fitting Aftermarket Parts $35.00
Fit Ambidextrous Parts $65.00
Stippling Handgrip $100.00
Fit Replacement Sights in Original Cuts – Minium $50.00
Grip Reduction $145.00
Round Bottom Front of Trigger Guard $25.00
Trigger Guard Undercut $20.00
Remove Finger Grooves $50.00


Description of Work Price
Street Action Job $95.00
Porting – 2 0r 3 Ports Depends on Model $100.00-150.00
Throat and Polish Feed Ramp $45.00
Fit Aftermarket Barrels $150.00
Jewel Barrel Chamber $50.00
Hammer or Trigger $40.00
Funnel The Magazine Well $65.00
Fit Aftermarket Parts $35.00
Fit Ambidextrous Parts $65.00
Stippling Front or Back Strap $130.00
Night Sight Installation (Factory) $55.00
Fit Replacement Sights in Original Cuts Minimum $50.00


Description of Work Price
Street Action Job $125.00
Porting – 2 0r 3 Ports Depends on Model $140.00
Porting – 2 or 3 Ports Depends on Model $100.00-150.00
Throat and Polish Feed Ramp $45.00
Fitting Aftermarket Barrels $150.00
Jewel Barrel Chamber $50.00
Jewel Hammer or Trigger $40.00
Stippling Front Strap $150.00
Stippling Back Strap $150.00
Checkering Front Strap (40 LPI) Browning HP $350.00
Checkering Back Strap (40 LPI) Browning HP $350.00
Bevel Magazine Well $85.00
Cogan Custom Beavertail $250.00
Fitting Aftermarket Parts $35.00
Fit Ambidextrous Parts $65.00
Night Sight Installation (Factory) $55.00
Fit Replacement Sights in Original Cuts Minimum $50.00


Description of Work Price
Street Action Job $125.00
Porting – 2 0r 3 Ports Depends on Model $80.00-120.00
Throat and Polish Feed Ramp $45.00
Fitting Aftermarket Barrels $150.00
Jewel Barrel Chamber $50.00
Funnel The Magazine Well $85.00
Fitting Aftermarket Parts $35.00
Fit Ambidextrous Parts $65.00
Stippling Front or Back Strap Call For Pricing
Night Sight Installation (Factory) $50.00
Fit Replacement Sights in Original Cuts Minimum $50.00

General Smithing Revolvers

Description of Work Price
Magna Porting $135.00
Internal Barrel Comp on Applicable Revolvers $230.00
Thumb Latch for Speed Loaders $25.00
Install NO-DRILL Scopes and Bases $30.00
Bore sight and Zero scope (Labor) $35.00
Checker Front Of Trigger Guard $100.00
Shorten barrel and Reinstall Front sight $200.00
Number Cylinder Chambers $15.00
Champher Cylinder Chambers $20.00
Convert Square Butt S&W (K,L,N) to K Frame Round Butt $125.00
Smooth Serrated Trigger $35.00
Bobbed Hammer $50.00
Final Fitting Revolver Barrel $95.00
Jewel Trigger or Hammer $50.00
Crane Lock Installed $40.00
Bevel Hammer Spur $30.00
S&W Factory Safety Check and Adjustments * $55.00
Street Action Job (Most American Revolvers) $95.00
Match Quality Action Job $190.00
3 Inch Comped Bull Barrel Outside Diameter Matches Frame $500.00
Round Barrel Dovetail (Cut For Front Sight) $85.00
S&W Style Orange Cut into Factory Sight $65.00
Replace Orange Insert $35.00
Zero Firearm (all) Minimum Plus Cost of Ammo $35.00
Adjust Barrel and Cylinder Gap $50.00
Oversize Thumb Latch Market price
Modify Thumb Latch For Speed-loaders $25.00

General Smithing – PPC Revolvers (On Your Firearm)

Description of Work Price
See Notas:
Complete with Crane Lockup Only $1,124.00
Complete with Triple Crane Lockup Only $1,279.00
Refinishing Sight Ribs $50.00
Shilen 1 in 14 Twist Barrel ADD $50.00
Integral Scope Mount Machined to Barrel $175.00
Magna Porting $135.00
Compensator System with Cover sleeve $300.00
Internal Barrel Comp – The internal comp uses 3/4of an inch of the barrel as the expansion chamber $230.00

Barrel Changes And Alterations

Description of Work Price
Fit Clark, King, National Match Bushing to Your Barrel $35.00
Throat Barrel and Polish Feed Ramp $45.00
Hard Fitting Barrel (Inc. re-welding lugs and barrel to bushing) $185.00
Frame Cut For Supported Ramp Barrels Fitting Supported Ramp Barrels –up to $100.00 Add $100.00
Fitting Match Grade Barrel & Bushing to your Firearm ( to 7”) $170.00
Jewel Chamber of Auto Barrels $35.00
Porting Semi- Auto (Two- Three Ports) $100.00-150.00


Description of Work Price
Action Job $125.00
Bobbing the Grip Tang (Prevents Bite) $50.00
Carry Bevel (Breaks all surface edges) $50.00
Checker (30L.P.I.) Front of grip $250.00
Novak Three Dot Sights (Installation Only) $140.00
McDougal Trigger $35.00
McDougal Guide Rod $50.00

Custom Carry Revolver Modifications

Description of Work Price
Note: Comp Systems on blued firearms require refinishing.
Internal Barrel Compensator (3” barrel only = OD of barrel) $235.00
Action Tuned for Street $95.00
Bevel Hammer $30.00
Custom 3 inch Barrel with Compensator $500.00
Magna Porting $135.00
Competitive Upgrades For Bullseye, World Speed, Bianchi Cup

Ruger Competition Pistols

Description of Work Price
Compensator System $300.00
Trigger Job $130.00
Chrome Plating Starts at: $200.00
Williams Adjustable Target Sights (Installed plus parts) $105.00
Custom Under Shroud $305.00
Clark Premium Barrel Plus Installation $176.00 to $246.00
Front Sights Installed $60.00

Lever Action Rifles

Description of Work Price
Nickel or Chrome Plating of Receiver, Lever and Assembly Starts at: $200.00
Nickel Stained Receiver to Replicate Case Hardening (add) $60.00
Saddle Rings $40.00
Peep Sights Installed on Tang $75.00
Trigger Pull Lightened $95.00
Smooth Entire Lever –Action System, includes Action Job to Competition Level and Hard Chrome Plate Action Parts $230.00
Shorten Barrel and Magazine Tube and Re-install Front Sight $305.00

Shotguns For Cowboy Action

Description of Work Price
Cut And Crown Barrels
Single Barrel $60.00
Double Barrels $120.00
Nickel or Chrome Receiver Start at: $228.00
Nickel Stain Receiver to look like Case Hardening
Double Barrel (additional fee) $88.00
EXTEND and Polish Forcing Cones Single Barrel $100.00
Smooth Opening of Double Barrel, Includes Action Job $250.00
Regular Action Job $125.00

Rifles For Sport, Hunting, Defense

Description of Work Price
Shotgun Smithing – Remington 1100, 1187, And 870
Drilling and Tapping for Scope Mount Bases ( 4 Hole version) $84.00
Scope Mounting and Installation $55.00
Trigger Adjustment, most Remington’s, Auto and Pump $95.00
Cogan Barrel porting System $150.00
Jewel Finish the Bolt $80.00
Cut and Crown Shotgun Barrel $60.00
Cut and Crown Double Barrel Shotgun $120.00
Oversize Safety Installed $30.00
Gas Ports Enlarged $35.00
Clean Oil and Test Fire Single Barrel $45.00 to $85.00
Double Barrel, Clean Fire, Oil and Test $75.00 to $125.00
Open Ejection Ports $50.00
Extend Forcing Cones and polish $100.00
10 Shot Magazine Extension $55.00
Install Front Sight Bead (Bead Extra) $25.00
Fiber optic Front Sight $60.00

Rifle Smithing

Description of Work Price
Clean Oil and Function Test by Staff $45.00 to $85.00
Scope Base and Ring Installation $55.00
Zero Scope (Live Fire plus Ammo) $50.00
Reshape Bolt Handle to Clear Scope (need both rifle and scope) $100.00
Supply and Install Bolt handle for Scope on MILITARY Rifles $125.00
Bore- Sight Rifle with Laser $35.00
Drilling and Tapping Per Hole $20.00
Drilling and Tapping Set-up per Job $25.00
Recoil Pad Installation (No Stock Alterations) $45.00
Recoil Pad Installation – (Cut Stock, pull length or for Kids) $75.00
Jewel Bolt $75.00-$100.00
Checkering Bolt Heads (Per side) $50.00
Installing Sling Swivels – One Piece Stock $50.00
Installing Sling Swivels – Two Piece Stock $50.00
Cut and Crown Rifle Barrels $50.00
Custom Design Rifle Compensator – Starting at: $150.00
Threading Barrels for Comps or Suppressors $100.00

Trigger Adjustments Popular Rifles

Description of Work Price
Remington Pump, Semi-Auto $95.00
Remington, Winchester, Ruger, Bolt Actions $115.00
AR-15, Mini-14, and M1A $125.00
Install and Adjust Aftermarket Triggers Starts at: $85.00
Browning BAR $115.00

Assault Rifle Compensators

Description of Work Price
AR-15 and M-16 Cogan Custom $125.00
M1A and M-14 Cogan Custom $125.00

Customizing Ruger 10-22 Rifles

Description of Work Price
Re-barrel Rifle Installation Only $85.00
Re-Stock With Hogue Over Molded Stock – Installed Includes Stock $125.00
Fancy thumb hole Stocks- Start at: $335.00

We can customize most quality semi auto pistols, if you don’t see yours listed call for pricing