The high-power is a single action, recoil operated, locked breech pistol. It uses link-less barrel to slide locking, invented by Browning.

The trigger is single action, with external hammer. It is chambered in 9mm (also was made in 7.65mm, and .40S&W in commercial/civilian models) firearm…

It was first issued with a magazine of 13 rounds (10 rounds in .40SW) The “High Power” pistol was designed by John M. Browning in 1925 and was patented in the USA in 1927, soon after his death. It was shelved until 1935, when Belgian army was looking for a new sidearm and the HP was selected as as the Model 1935.

Used also by Belgian police and by many foreign countries, including Britain, Canada, Australia etc.


The High Power is the only sidearm that was used by both sides in WW2 – Germany used many Belgium HPs while the Allies used HPs manufactured mostly in Canada by Inglis. Clones of the HP are still manufactured around the world, such as the Hungarian FEG 9, and the Bulgarian Arcus.


This pistol started life as an Argentine “Detective” model. Not too common but if you look you can find it. It basically had a shorter slide so a conventional length barrel gave us enough room to thread the compensator. By mounting the front sight on the slide, the pistol may be converted back to it’s original short configuration. If a “Detective” model is not available, the conventional High Power may be converted but it will result in a longer configuration and an aftermarket longer barrel needed.

These are great “medium heavy carry” firearms and you may simply want the hammer, trigger, action job and Hard Chrome done. With a little Photoshop action here is a composite of the dual purpose competition carry comp Browning. What we try to emphasize here is the fact we are custom gunsmiths. ‘Nuff said…..


Street Action Job $115.00
Competition Single Action Only E.A.A. $140.00
Porting – 2 or 3 Ports Depends on Model $135.00
Throat and Polish Feed Ramp $45.00
Fitting Aftermarket Barrels $150.00
Jewel Barrel Chamber $50.00
Jewel Hammer or Trigger $40.00
Stippling Front Strap $130.00
Stippling Back Strap $130.00
Checkering Front Strap (40 LPI) Browning High Power $260.00
Checkering Back Strap (40 LPI) Browning High power $260.00
The Magazine Well $85.00
Beavertail Grip Custom Welded $180.00
Fitting Aftermarket Parts $35.00
Fit Ambidextrous Parts $65.00
Custom Made Accessories (Minimum) $95.00
Night Sight Installation (Factory) $55.00
Fit Replacement Sights in Original Cuts Minimum $50.00