In this section we show you the afters. A true gun aficionado would of cried had you seen some of the before’s, but thats what we do at ACCURATE PLATING. Reborn, the Sig shown was bought from the department, not as much usage as simple wear and aging. mechanically in nice shape.

We take the holster marks, the scratches, the rust, some of the minor dings and dents, and years of accumulated wear and make the entire firearm look in some cases better than new. we do a lot of police department work.

Now while they were here and it makes common sense, they were upgraded. Since shipping firearms is expensive and time consuming, you save money. All of our work is done in house, the gun-smithing and the plating. We have the largest selection of finishes available.

On this particular one, the old factory sights were upgraded from a selection of alternatives including Fiber-Optics, Luminous Night Sights and sometimes different sight pictures. The actions were tuned. On others Porting to reduce muzzle rise completed the package. So we addressed the looks, the shoot-ability and the performance in one visit to ACCURATE. It just makes sense.

It is one of the most popular and highly respected guns we plate. The entire SIG series of pistols. They are highly thought of equally by the military, police and civilians alike. The 226 (high capacity 9mm) has received upgraded sights, Triple Aperture Porting and a full Hard Chrome over nickel base refinishing.

The smaller 229 series, .380’s, especially those carried in ankle holsters really get messed up and we take great pride when we hear from someone, “it’s looks so good now, I don’t want to get it dirty”.

On the 226, a little trigger work to smooth the difference from double action first shot to single action and this very nice unit is ready to go back to work. Again, have your armorer contact us. Many of these fine guns for police departments all over the country have a second life.

Recently we saved a department a lot of money by restoring their .40 cal carry and cruiser equipment, including several REM 870 shotguns with heavy duty marine type finishes like nickel and hard chrome, and 700 – 770 sniper weapons from years of holster use and trunk and dash bracket marks.


Street Action Job $100.00
Porting – 2 0r 3 Ports Depends on Model $135.00
Throat and Polish Feed Ramp $45.00
Aftermarket Barrels $150.00
Jewel Barrel Chamber $50.00
Hammer or Trigger $40.00
Funnel The Magazine Well $65.00
Aftermarket Parts $35.00
Fit Ambidextrous Parts $65.00
Custom Made Accessories (Minimum) $95.00
Stippling Front or Back Strap $130.00
Night Sight Installation (Factory) $55.00
Fit Replacement Sights in Original Cuts Minimum $50.00