Which Popular Brand Of Firearm Is Most Commonly Ported?

Answer: Our most common request is for porting on virtually every model of the Glock and it might have something to do with the great popularity of this firearm and the fact it comes in many high powered models such as the .40, 357 SIG and the 10 mm.

Multiply that by the variety of smaller size compact models. So, combine a smaller gun with a high powered round and you start to think porting. Many of the competition Colts we build are compensated so in a sense they too are ported with an external extension.


Well, the principle is simple. Perfect machining is an art. The released gases have a chance to exit in stages rather than when the bullet leaves the barrel all at once. With the deflection aimed upwards it offsets the muzzle rise common with high powered rounds.


The picture says it all. This Sig, ported and plated by APWcogan has had many rounds through it and cleanup involves nothing more than a Q-tip… It does really tame the 40 SW. and you really need it with the 357 SIG / 10mm.


A couple of years ago Dick Metcalf did an article in “Shooting Times” about the night vision effects of ported handguns.

After actual testing with a stop watch, his conclusion was that there is virtually no difference in the time lapse of firing ported or unported concealable firearms as it relates to loss of night vision from the flash. What he did find was a better capability to put multiple shots on target with ported firearms after the first shot and subsequent loss of night vision from both unported and ported small handguns.


 KEL-TEC 9MM – Chrome And Ported –

Distortion of sight picture is another question
We are asked this on ported weapons. Any short barreled handgun will deposit residue from the cartridge on the sight due to the presence of unburned powder. We have designed our porting systems to vent the gas in a manner that minimizes any adverse effect on front sights.

Lastly, clients are concerned about velocity loss from porting. Our testing on Glock pistols showed an average loss of only 8 percent.
When you consider the reasonable price we charge for this service, less than most night sights cost without installation charges, this is one of the best bargains in firearms modification. Recoil reduction varies by caliber, bullet dimension, weight of the firearm and bullet weight. Our in-house experience shows Glock 23’s, a mid-size pistol and cartridge combination having about a ½” of muzzle rise after porting. 45 cal pistols fall in the same range. 38 cal (9mm) pistols shoot almost flat.

 We offer Triple Port available for Glock, Ruger P-series, S&W Sigma, Beretta, Taurus, SIG Sauer, HK USP and dual Ports only on AMT , Kahr, and Kel Tec.