International Defensive Pistol Association

This is the second fastest growing segment of action shooting. The men that started IDPA are all previously top notch IPSC shooters. Many of the IDPA competitors and the founding members were disenchanted with the direction IPSC had gone since its humble beginning with stock guns to the current Star Wars Blasters that dominate the unlimited segment of IPSC.

IDPA has a gun classification to fit almost any defensive handgun a shooter owns. This sport has also neutralized the high capacity ammo race, by limiting magazines to 10 rounds per the 1994 Crime Bill. You can actually compete with the same equipment you carry in real life. The shooting scenarios in IDPA are usually shorter and do not normally require the movement that IPSC matches do.


THE BIANCI CUP – The World Series Of Action Shooting

The 2011 MidwayUSA/NRA Bianchi Cup will award the World Famous Silver Bianchi Cup as well as Division Champion Trophy Cups to the Metallic and Production Division.

This event draws shooters from all over the world. In 2010, international competitors haled from Australia, Canada, Germany, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Netherlands, Switzerland, and the United States.

A newcomer’s orientation will be held at the Competitor’s meeting. Former & current Champions as well as the Match Staff will be in attendance to help new shooters in their first attempt at the MidwayUSA/NRA Bianchi Cup.

Class awards are awarded to various categories to include high law enforcement, high woman, high junior, high international, high newcomer, high senior, high grand senior, high service, high semi-auto, high revolver, and Aggregate.

We re-instituted a few measures to lower entry fee cost. One was to “bring a buddy”. If a competitor were to bring a friend who had never competed at the MidwayUSA/NRA Bianchi Cup, both competitors would have a reduced entry fee. We also offer reduced fees Juniors, Production Firearms, Active Duty Military and those that register early.

The MidwayUSA/NRA Bianchi Cup is a combination of Speed and Accuracy. Shooting at stationary and moving targets. It all starts with an Interest and the Adventure to try this shooting sport.


The Bianchi Cup is the NRA National Action Pistol Championship, a major Action Pistol tournament held over three days in late May, in Columbia, Missouri at the Green Valley Rifle & Pistol Club. It has the largest purse of any tournament on the action pistol calendar and is the premier action pistol championship tournament in the world. The Bianchi Cup is the only major shooting tournament that has retained its original course of fire since its inception.

It is one of the most prestigious events in shooting,with the best shooters in the world in competition each May in Missouri.Due to the high accuracy required in each stage,the tournament is widely considered one of the most difficult championships in all of the shooting sports.


See Shooting Sports Section About The Sport


The most important factor in any sport is safety. Competition sometimes brings shortcuts and half way attempts at common sense. This is a no shortcut competition for several reasons. Cheap solutions usually result in cheap results.

First and most critical is the weaponry. These single actions guns are different in their action, trigger pulls, movement of the shooter and grips. Some will never be comfortable with a western style grip and thats when the Bisley grip came into being. More vertical in style, it has helped some. The sport is centered around the .45 colt and the more modern .357 magnum. Both are powerful rounds and engaging in Cowboy action Shooting can utilize the same firearm for handgun hunting IF YOU ARE COMPETENT which bring us to the subject of idiots. There is a tendency for some to show off which I witnessed at a range years ago. Fanning or using the hammer for fast shooting sent an errant round over the berm of a range south of here. It landed in an empty school bus used by migrant workers in the fields. Almost got the range closed down.

Old Guns, New Rigors

But the most important change is when a rifle or shotgun over 100 years old is being modified to be used in action shooting with the rigors of competition. All of these firearms should be, make that absolutely checked out by a competent experienced gunsmith like Bob because the ammunition today is not what it was 100 years ago. I cannot emphasize this enough.

The 97 Winchester is a very popular model for this game. Think, some of these authentic and clone models have 90-100 parts and metals wear with age, parts break and someone who knows the 97 will will tell you that. A good gunsmith with experience in ’97s is a requirement if you’re going to use it extensively and extensively is what the Cowboy action shooting is about.

Be very careful with some Chinese imports. Brings new meaning to the phrase finding more than lead in your paint. They have many names and importers. Early Norinco’s were bad, no parts basically a hammered gum. They were improved mightily after Coyote Cap made several trips to China to get the production down right.

There are places on the web that list these Chinese clones that are useless. Non repairable and weak assembly with weak parts. Cimarron’s are Polytechs, TTN has other branded clones, EAA, and Bounty HUNTER, made by Baikal. Lots of choices, and rule one is let a competent gunsmith look at it.

The Doubles gun or side by side is another are where one has to be cautious as these have been made all over the world. Turkey, China, Russia, and the Balkans to name a few. These are more complex than they appear and most need a tune and fitting right out of the box if you intend to shoot SASS. Otherwise you will be standing on the line unable to continue wondering why the gun won’t open to eject.

The Gun That Won The West

It had a tough start. Bound by the Rollin White patent and not wanting to pay a royalty fee to Smith & Wesson, Colt could not begin development of bored-through revolver cylinders for metallic cartridge use until April 4, 1869. For the design, Colt turned to two of its best engineers: William Mason and Charles Brinckerhoff Richards who had developed a number of revolvers and black powder conversions for the company. Their effort was designed for the United States government service revolver trials of 1872 by Colt’s Patent Firearms Manufacturing Company and adopted as the standard military service revolver. Production began in 1873 with the Single Action Army model 1873, also referred to as the “New Model Army Metallic Cartridge Revolving Pistol”.

Never Know What You May Find

The very first production Single Action Army, serial number 1, thought lost for many years after its production, was found in a barn in Nashua, New Hampshire in the early 1900s. It was chambered in .45 Colt, a centerfire design containing charges of up to 40 grains of fine-grained black powder and a 255-grain blunt round nosed bullet. Relative to period cartridges and most later handgun rounds, it was quite powerful in its full loading.

The Colt Single Action Army revolver, along with the 1870 and 1875 Smith & Wesson Model 3 “Schofield” revolver, replaced the Colt 1860 Army Percussion revolver. The Colt quickly gained favor over the S&W and remained the primary US military sidearm until 1892 when it was replaced by the .38 Long Colt caliber Colt Model 1892, a double-action revolver with swing-out cylinder. By the end of 1874, serial no. 16,000 was reached; 12,500 Colt Single Action Army revolvers chambered for the .45 Colt cartridge had entered service and the remaining revolvers were sold in the civilian market.

The Colt .45 is a famous piece of American history, known as “The Gun That Won the West”.

Stoiker – Beretta

Stoeger was bought out by Beretta but Beretta will not work on pre-deal Stoegers or any Stoeger that has been modified. Most Stoegers could use two crucial upgrades for the game recommended by the Coyote.
a. Flex hone the chambers to facilitate rounds falling out.
b. Polished the mating surfaces of the opening-closing/locking mechanism so it will pop open easily.

All of these types and styles reflect the diversity of this particular event, it’s big and the winners are big in the eyes of those who participate. The firearms are a crucial part of the equation and even more demanding as the age and the condition enter into the mix.

Ruger Vaquero

There is no question about the popularity of the Ruger Vaquero in Cowboy action Shooting, they have the look and the feel of the past with modern technology and we have upgraded almost all models to new levels for the truly competitive shooters.

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Dual Rig – Hi-Yo Silver!

The Long Guns






Smith And Wesson, Colt, Taurus, Ruger Upgrades

It was blue, rusted in places, worn in others but the barrel, parts and specifications were in good order, this we call a holster gun. More time in the saddle and less time on the range.

It was stripped of the past, the barrel was ported, the sights upgraded, the grips replaced with somewhat more modern rubber composites for a better grip and larger hand and then all parts were tuned, polished and matt-finished in Accurate’s Chrome finish.

This is not grandpa’s OLDSMOBILE, this is a modern update of a classic 4-5-6 inch medium to heavy frame Smith and Wesson, Could be a Taurus, Ruger or Colt that has seen better days and needed a new beginning.

We do this kind of alchemy five days a week, fifty-two weeks in a year and in all you’ll have a firearm thats a lot better, newer features, better looks and performance than it was new. With the action job, grips and sight work, it does shoot better than new. In the hot .357 or forty plus calibers this is a great ALASKA camp gun or sidearm in bear country. Below it is the same thing in a Ruger.

Result: A Silk Purse from a Sow’s Ear.


The Governor

Versatile. Lightweight. The Smith & Wesson Governor revolver puts six rounds of customizable response under your control. Load with .410 2 1/2″ shotshells, .45 ACP or .45 Colt – alone or in combination with the included moon clips* – and hit your target in every situation. Plus, it’s from the leading expert in revolver manufacturing over the past 159 years. Now that’s confidence. *Each Governor® is packaged with (2) 6 round and (3) 2 round moon clips for use with .45 ACP.

Most of our custom gunsmithing can be applied to this product. Also the blued version can be refinished with either matte chrome or