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Classic Alabama hunting, custom-planned.

Pa-Ko devotes as much attention to its plantation environment as it does to its guests. That adds up to an unrivalled hunting experience, no matter what your interests or level of expertise.

We’ve managed the land for abundance since Pa-Ko’s inception. Stands of planted pine, plus the deft use of controlled burns, produce prime quail hunting habitat, while vast hardwood bottoms favor eastern wild turkey and whitetail deer. We routinely work with wildlife experts to make trophy game the rule, not the exception.

But it’s customizing that puts our hunting trips in a different league. Plantation owner J. Paul Taylor knows every inch of land, every seasonal change. He evaluates each group’s specific interests and capabilities, then aligns those with current Alabama hunting conditions, recent wildlife movement, and more. You can count on being in trusted hands with expert guides. And no matter how often you return, every hunt is new.

For questions about your group’s firearms and gear, contact J. Paul Taylor at 1-877-539-5699.


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