ON HOLD   Camouflage is a method of crypsis—avoidance of observation—that allows an otherwise visible organism or object to remain indiscernible from the surrounding environment through deception. Examples include a tiger's stripes, the battledress of a modern soldier and a butterfly camouflaging itself as a leaf. The theory of camouflage covers the various strategies which are used to achieve this effect. Now almost any weapon can be camouflaged.

You probably saw it before you knew about it. It has been called hydrographic printing, 3D printing, fluid imaging, immersion printing, or simply water transfer printing. Basically they are all the same Using the water transfer printing process, you can transfer high-definition 4-color graphic patterns to many complex three-dimensional shapes. 

In most cases, you can transfer the film’s inks to steel, aluminum, plastic, wood, and many other substrates. Common patterns are wood grain, carbon fiber, and camouflage. Early on, the sporting goods industry found that water transfer printing was ideal to apply camouflage patterns to gun stocks and bows. Hopefully game never figures this out, or we'll never find them.

Water transfer printing starts with pre-printed high-definition patterns on a water-soluble transfer film. From there, several important steps must be followed to develop a successful print:

Step 1: Preparation. Chemical pretreatment, fill and sanding, masking, application of spray chemical adhesion promoters, plasma treatment, or corona flame treating.
Step 2: Tooling and Fixtures. Parts are attached to a specific fixture, which holds the parts during the dip process. Generic fixtures can host many different parts but occasionally, engineers have to design custom fixtures to host unique parts.
Step 3: Primer Painting. A coat of primer paint is applied to the part. This paint serves as a bonding agent between the part and the transferred inks. The paint color typically becomes part of the background contrast color as well.
Step 4: Ink Transfer or Dipping. The fixtured part is now dipped through the inks, which are floated on water in a specialized processing tank. As the parts are immersed through the inks into the water, displacement of the water carries the inks around the three-dimensional shape of the part.
Step 5: Wash and Rinse Process. Parts travel through a conveyorized hot water wash line to remove excess processing chemicals. The last stage of the wash line dries the part.
Step 6: QC Inspection. A detailed inspection of the ink transfer and adhesion is completed. On occasion, parts with extremely complex geometry may require manual touch-up using the transfer inks.
Step 7: Sealing Top Coat. Based on the customer’s specifications, either a high gloss, satin, or flat top coat of clear Urethane finish is applied to seal the inks. One or more coats may be applied and in some cases, buffing and polishing is required between coats.  At APWCOGAN we go the extra mile by using the final finish coat(s) from a product named CeraKOTE.

The process is multi-stepped, the old finish is removed, the firearm prepped, and after the print is applied, it is sealed in place with the toughest, most chemically efficient protective clear-coat made on the market.  We are the only plant in the US to use CeraKOTE as the top finish which exceeds the standard clear coats used by others. It is included in the overall pricing. Another benefit of APW's commitment to excellence and doing it right.

NOTE:  Dis-Assembly and Re-Assembly of firearms is not included in the base pricing of the finishes as firearms vary in complexity and parts.  See Refinishing Prices for a schedule of these costs.

Camouflage Finish Price List   (Major Component Pricing) 

This price section dated December 04, 2010 and is in effect.

Category A:  $225.00

Most Single Barrel Long Guns  like shotguns, target  and hunting rifles

Category B:  $263.00

Most Double Barrel Long Guns, like shotguns and double rifles (Afrikaner Style)

Category C:  $220.00
Lever Action Rifles 

Category D:  $169.00
Semi-Auto Pistols  (Frame & Slide Only)

Category E:  $194.00

Revolvers  (We strongly suggest Matte Hard Chroming the Cylinders)

Category F:  $224.00
Bolt Action Pistols

Category G:  $225.00
THOMPSON Break Action Pistols 

Unfinished Wood Stocks 
Add Minimum of                                                    $50.00
Thumb Hole Stocks   
Add  additional                                                      $32.00


Stock and forearm only (wood)                                                                  $175.00
One piece stock only (wood)                                                                      $175.00
Stock and Forearm only (Synthetic Material)                                                 $125.00
One piece stock only (Synthetic Material)                                                     $125.00
Trigger guard and Floor Plate for bolt actions                                                $25.00
Bolt Action Handles                                                                                   $50.00
Extra shotgun or Rifle barrels                                                                     $138.00
Additional Long Gun Receivers                                                                    $138.00
Extra Mag tubes for Pump/Semi-auto Shotguns                                              $23.00
Scope rings or scope bases (Each)                                                               $23.00
Scopes At owners risk with signed release)                                                   $75.00
Shotgun Saddle mounts                                                                             $23.00
Shotgun Extended Choke tubes                                                                   $19.00

SMALL PARTS REFINISHING (If requested under the pattern)
Screws, Pins, Triggers, Hammers, Etc. 
Matte Blue                                                                                              $60 max
Matte Black Chrome                                                                                 $75 max
Matte CeraKOTE                                                                                      $75 max
Matte Chrome or Nickel                                                                            $75 max

SCOPES -Scopes are unique as they are usually gas-filled, and a certain amount of technological expertise is needed to ensure no leakage when dipped in our tanks.  All scopes are at the owners risk.  Though we have a good track record, Murphy's law is still out there. There is also the chance the $19.95 scope you got from Wal-mart made in Shen-Feng at Lotus Blossom Plant #3 might be of dubious sealed quality. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Scopes require a waiver signed and it is available in PDF form by clicking here.

***** Reminder Please call on Scopes, with Make and Model ******


NOTE:   Generally,  we stock and maintain the colors on the chart shown on the next page. Just click the right arrow at the top.  There are literally hundreds of patterns and colors to choose from at an additional charge per firearm of $50.00 per pattern.

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