NOTE:  We strive at Accurate to be as precise as we can on pricing and break things down so you totally understand this isn’t just a one size fits all industry.  No two guns are the same, that is the theory behind the bigger hammer. Or the even bigger hammer approach initiated by some offshore companies.

Dis-Assembly and Re-Assembly of firearms is not included in the base pricing of the finishes as firearms vary in complexity and parts.  This is not field striping. It’s obvious the entire firearm is reduced to its smallest components, miniature screws, springs, and pins the manufacturer has selected any one of which if missing can cause a malfunction. 

In addition some parts are one of a kind, or handmade and if lost or broken would have to be hand built or replaced.  In some cases manufacturers made part combos never thinking they would be refinished, replaced or repaired. 


1911 Colts, All Clones, Semi-Autos, Glock, Kel-Tec, & Standard Sig Pistols                                              35.00

S&W, Colt, Ruger & Taurus Revolvers                                                                                                    35.00

Desert Eagle, H&K, EAA & Springfield XD                                                                                               50.00

Para-Ordnance LDA Pistols                                                                                                                     75.00

Thompson Center Pistols or Smith and Wesson Revolver W/ New Safety                                                 50.00

XP100 Remington & Savage Strykers                                                                                                    45.00

Remington Pump & Semi-Auto Shotguns                                                                                              35.00

Browning Pump & Semi-Auto Shotguns                                                                                                55.00

Benelli & Berretta Semi-Auto Shotguns                                                                                                 75.00

Charles Daily Pump & Semi-Auto Shotguns                                                                               35.00 / 55.00

Double Barrel Shotguns Side-By-Side or Over & Under                                                                   75.00/hour

Average cost of Double Barrels                                                                                                             100.00

Remington & Ruger Bolt Action Rifles                                                                                                     40.00

Remington Pump & Semi-Auto Rifles, Ruger Semi-Auto Rifles                                                                 50.00

Browning Semi-Auto, Lever or Bolt Action Rifles                                                                                     50.00

Marlin, Winchester, Savage, & Mossberg Lever Action Rifles                                                                    60.00

Ruger Single Shot Rifle                                                                                                                          75.00

Winchester Mod 70,Mauser/Military Rifles, Weatherby, SAKO, Tika Rifles                                                  60.00

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