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Effective OCTOBER 24, 2015-16 Revision
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Simply PRINT the entire price list. Each item is numbered if you have a question.

10-23-2015 NOTAS:

  • There are new price changes.

  • New Word NOTAS - “Notice To All Shooters”, A heads up on whats happening with a process or alteration.

  • There are also deletions as the most extensive and labor intensive Alpha Polish and Brightwork are not available anymore.

  • High end finishing is our business and exceeds what you normally get from the factory.

  • We treat your firearm as we would treat our own. This has been our formula for success for the past forty plus years.

  • Quality work takes time and careful appraisal at each of the steps to give you what you want.

  • We understand you have an investment in time, money and in many cases a relationship when some items are passed down generation to generation. We honor that relationship with an equal amount of quality work.


DISCLAIMER (In Simple English)


Please call if you are not clear about anything. There are no so-called dumb questions, only dumb accidental discharges that result in injuries, unplanned parenthood and sometimes no parenthood. Again, if you are not clear about anything, please call. Something before a mistake is a correction, something after is called a cluster ____.

This is a continuously new website I, the Webmeister have a strong knowledge of the Refinishing and Custom Gunsmithing business but I am human. And there is a chance I may make a mistake. We, because of communication and some awful funny wording in this game may make the occasional error in pricing or composition.

It only proves we are human when transcribing 40,000 words and numbers. We apologize for any errors but I do not intend to commit "seppuku" over it even though I own Kramer, Shun and Masamoto custom culinary knives but to cook with, not to fall on.

We try not to be fancy, our website is blue and white, easy to read, bigger type this year and a new font, even human and funny at times and its main purpose is to show you what we can do, emphasize we have the personnel and skills to encompass all makes and models of firearms and we are both expert gunsmiths and the industries rare in house refinishing which we do for most of the major manufacturers who are doing a lot of manufacturing now.


We try to cover the most common requests we get with a breakdown of the pricing. We are the only firm in the business that does this. Most places quote you a flat fee. With a breakdown, YOU know what YOU paid for and received.

Its like shopping at the super market, this month alone, I found I was double billed on some items, and didn't get the discounts on others to the tune of twenty plus dollars. I got my twenty credited and PUBLIX SUPERMARKETS deducts the mistakes so I got back an extra twenty in groceries. It doesn’t always work that way, but I knew where I stood.


No two guns are the same even if they were CNC'd and came off the same line, thats why Colt hammers and that little figure eight barrel link for example have tiny numbers on them. Most S&W's need an action job, Ruger's have heavy pulls and the smaller the gun, the more "personal gunsmith" care it needs".

One of the manufacturers had a picture on a short movie prior to Youtube and it showed the gunsmiths workbench and the custom fitting of parts. No less than five sizes of the same part and a select row of matching hammers in differing weights. That explained a few things.


If you wish to print out the complete price list and place it in a folder or looseleaf book, you may download the PDF file here. It is close to twenty pages long so make sure you have ink and paper in your printer. For those still using hammer and chisel, make sure the scribe has been well fed and for those using ink make sure of a supply of squid.


If you see the word *REFIN or REFINISHING used in any of our pricing tables, next to, or conjoined with a column, or part, it means a small sum is added to refinish the part after the gunsmith has done the necessary filing, stoning, grinding, buffing, welding or sawing. Obviously when metal is removed or reworked some cosmetic changes have to take place to restore the part to match what it’s supposed to be which is the final delivered finish after metalworking is done.


It costs money to process your firearms through our books, both in receivership and shipping, it also costs money when we have to stop production for the audits and paper trail mania the federal government requires us to keep. Thus we have established certain minimums. Our Minimum Shop Charge is FIFTY dollars ($50.00) and includes written estimates. Our Minimum Handling Charge is EIGHT dollars ($8.00)


Taurus and similar firearms with combined lock type integral safeties, there will be a $25.00 dollar surcharge to plate, repair, assemble and disassemble these products due to the intricacies and safety requirements of these additional parts.


SCOPES -Scopes are unique as they are usually gas-filled, and a certain amount of technological expertise is needed to ensure no leakage when dipped in our tanks. All scopes are at the owners risk. Though we have a good track record, Murphy's law is still out there. There is also the chance the $19.95 scope you got from Wal-mart made in Shen-Feng at Lotus Blossom Plant #3 might be of dubious sealed quality.

PLEASE NOTE: Scopes require a waiver signed and it is available in PDF form from us. ***** Reminder Please call on Scopes, with Make and Model ******


We strive at Accurate to be as precise as we can on pricing and break things down so you totally understand this isn’t just a one size fits all industry. No two guns are the same, that is the theory behind the bigger hammer. Or the even bigger hammer approach initiated by some offshore companies and we haven't even breached the anomolies and fluctuations in the metal forming and hardening of firearms.

Dis-Assembly and Re-Assembly of firearms is not included in the base pricing of the finishing as firearms vary in complexity and parts. This is not field striping. It’s obvious the entire firearm is reduced to its smallest components, miniature screws, springs, and pins the manufacturer has selected any one of which if missing can cause a malfunction. Hard Chroming a spring renders it as useless as ……

In addition some parts are one of a kind, or handmade and if lost or broken would have to be hand built or replaced. In some cases manufacturers made part combos never thinking they would be refinished, replaced or repaired.


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