Bob Cogan Custom 1911 .38 Super

There is nothing that has not been done to this piece to make it shoot as good as it gets.

Bob Cogan Custom 1911 .45 ACP

Colt Series 70 that BOB COGAN has custom built and turned into a real shooting machine. It has all the custom parts, such as trigger, sights, sear, custom beavertail and all the other things needed to make it shoot.

Bob Cogan Custom 1911 10mm,38 Super 6″

BOB COGAN CUSTOM 1911 6 Inch compensated bull barrel 10 mm and 38 super hunters model. It is a very accurate piece. The 10mm barrel uses a 13 pound recoil spring and the 38 super uses an 8 pound recoil spring. It sure makes it easy to cock this 1911 using these recoil springs. This is one of the BOB COGAN CUSTOM that has beautiful engraving on both sides.

Bob Cogan Custom 1911 10mm,38 Super,9mm

BOB COGAN CUSTOM made 1911. It comes with a total of three barrels which means it shoots 10 mm, 38 super, 9 mm all very accurately . The 10 mm bbl and the 38 super bbls are compensated and the 9 mm is ported. It is a competition shooters dream with a match trigger, and all the other parts that make it a winner.

Bob Cogan Custom 1911 45 ACP

BOB built this out of the best parts money can buy. It has only been shot when he built it to make all the adjustments needed. It is brand new.It is a very accurate because Bob set it up RIGHT. This BOB COGAN CUSTOM is tuned all the way. No one does a better job than BOB on his custom made guns.

Bob Cogan Custom 1911 45 ACP

This BOB COGAN CUSTOM 45 ACP is ready to have some fun with. It is very accurate pistol. It is ready to compete with or carry. It has had a trigger job and all the other adjustments that it needs to shoot in the same hole.

Bob Cogan Custom 1911 5″ Barrel

This gun has all new parts. It has a TRIGGER JOB, 20 LPI Checkering on the front and rear of the frame and 40 LPI on the front of the trigger guard. It also has the 1/4 inch round bottom Serrations on the front and rear of the slide.

Bob Cogan Custom 1911 Officers Model 45 ACP

This beautiful BOB COGAN Custom Officers Model comes with 6 magazines with bumper pads. They are all hard chromed. This pistol is Competition or carry ready. This 45 ACP has a compensator that all but does away with muzzle flip. You are right back on your target This Bob Cogan Custom is like all the rest I have. IT IS BUILT FROM NEW PARTS.

Bob Cogan Custom Colt 1911 Series 70 9MM

BOB COGAN CUSTOM. This one is a 1911 COLT series 70 9MM. It is a beautiful piece. Your wife or lady friend would love it. Since it is 9MM a lady could handle it very nicely.

Bob Cogan Custom Colt Recon 1911 5″ Barrel

Bob made this one using a Caspian frame and Caspian slide. As you can see in the pictures the beautiful work on the 20 LPI checkering on the frame. It has coco bolo grips, a Wilson 8 round mag, and a 5″ Nowlin Bull 45 ACP non ramped Barrel. The trigger is the usual Bob Cogan WONDER.

Bob Cogan Custom Hi Standard Super Matic Olympic

HI STANDARD SUPER MATIC OLYMPIC model 22 LR. It is in beautiful condition. Bob Cogan did a great job on this one like he always does. Anyone would be happy to own this Beauty.

Bob Cogan Custom Ruger 10 Super Blackhawk 44 Mag

A special BOB COGAN CUSTOM pistol. I have a 10 1/2 inch barrel Ruger SUPER BLACK HAWK 44 Magnum that looks like a work of art. Bob did an excelant job on this Ruger.

Bob Cogan Custom S&W 38 Special PPC Revolver

Smith & Wesson 38 Special PPC Revolver customized by the master gun smith Bob Cogan. The trigger and action is something else. If you want a special gun this is it.

Bob Cogan Custom S&W Model 57 41 Magnum

Original S&W Model 57 41 Magnum 8 3/8 Inch barrel pistol. It has a trigger like Smiths are noted for . Very crisp with no creep. This gun is so nice that Bob thought that most people would like it better left alone. In other words it is nice enough that there are a lot of people collecting these Smiths that do not have one this nice.

Springfield Range Officer .45 ACP

SPRINGFIELD RANGE OFFICER .45 ACP. It has a hard chromed finish. Springfield is one of the oldest gun makers in the UNITED STATES. They are quality made.

Cogan Custom 1911

Cogan Custom 1911 with STI slide and Foster-Caspian arms frame. Full customized/accurized pistol. Special mods( round bottom cocking serrations 12 per side $480). Parts ($250).20 lines per inch hand checkering ($250). Additional custom and accurizing work ($1230).

Cogan Custom .45 acp

Caspian recon receiver, 20 LPI checkering on front strap & mainspring housing, STI match trigger & thumb safety, Wilson beavertail grip safety, 3 1/2 lb trigger pull, dd coco bolo grips. Caspian slide to frame fit match grade tight, Nowlin 5″ bull barrel match fit, custom cocking serrations, BoMar BMCS rear sight with green fiber optic, front sight with red fo. All custom work done by Bob Cogan. Custom hard chrome finish, brushed flats, matte rounds.