Since its inception, A.P.&W. has tried to keep shipping and handling costs to the consumer as low as possible.  If it meant going to Congress to fight for better rates Bob would have done it already.  Its one of his pet peeves. Its easy to understand in this day and age, with homeland security, terrorism threats, lawsuits, theft and a huge business in non-registered guns, shippers have developed rules and regulations for the transfer of weaponry mainly the handgun…we have no problem, yours and our safety is job one.  

But as with many organizations today they may go too far causing inconvenience and added expense.  We can’t apologize for them, it’s not our decision, we have to abide by the laws and regulations.  But believe me we understand your pain, since it’s also our pain.

The three major carriers, UPS, FEDEX, and the USPS follow guidelines established by the Federal Government and they add their own twists.  Do not take these rules lightly.  The ATF, the IRS and the Sales Tax people only hire those with no sense of humor and most of the tailored clothing they wear is in black and can put your checkbook into red very easily.  

APW and Cogan Custom are constantly checking with these three carriers for updates and policy changes Bob has gone to bat (literally A-Rod, Louisville Slugger) for better deals for our customers and lets face it Federal Regulations are Federal Regulations and these companies do not wish to place themselves in jeopardy.  

Recently ••••• Bob has found a possible link through the NRA and FEDEX to facilitate better pricing. It takes a few steps but to some it will be worth it.  Also in this day and age credit card companies have imposed new rates and rules forcing us to seek other methods of payment.  It’s just the trials and tribulations of being in business today. 



The most common question we get is ...when?  Depends on several factors. Here are just a few.  Time to order from vendors and get parts to finish the job, fitting the parts, refinishing scheduling, time of the year, like during hunting season, competition schedules, and the most common one we get,  “oops, I forgot to send it to you last month and I need it tomorrow". 

Plus we get large orders (6000-10,000) parts from the most popular gun manufacturers and other gunsmiths for the work we do, that they don’t.  This is a busy shop and bears no resemblance to the Jack Daniels commercial with a bunch of guys sitting around watching the mash ferment.  

  • Standard Finishes require …………………….   4 to 6 Weeks
  • Camouflage & Bright Finish …………………..  6 to 8 Weeks
  • Minor to Average GS Custom Work………….  4 to 6 Weeks
  • Major Custom Work and Re-Engineering…… 6 to 12 Weeks

How long does it take generally? You can use the chart above, obviously if we are not buried in work  you might see it sooner. This is not a rush me operation.  Safety is job one and critically involved for our employees, machine and plating shops are inherently not forgiving plus add the dangerous base and acidic chemistries, high temperature application, and a few other factors involved in this business.  

And your safety is paramount to us.  We want and will only accept that condition. The products we modify, change, alter, improve all have to come out of the shop better than they went in and that takes time.  It's not the kind of operation that we can go down to the local labor pool and rent some help.  We know you understand this.


A. P. & W, Inc.    

5229 COUNTY RD. 99


  • Write or type specifically what you wish to have done. - Do not rely on telephone instructions, we get a fifty to a hundred calls a day sometimes and though we consider each and every customer important, we are not perfect and can’t remember everything.  Plus the time it takes to find an order and change paperwork is time our smiths are not working on your project.
  • A complete return address and we cannot ship to P.O. Box numbers.  You would be surprised how many forget to make sure their return address is both legible and correct.
  • Do not mark or use the words "Guns, Weapons or Firearms" on box.  The easiest way to get something stolen is to advertise and marking something with those words makes carriers and others a bit nervous.
  • Be sure to include both Home, Work, Cell telephone numbers.  This is in case we have to notify you and sometimes if we ship early we want you to know when to expect the finished product.  Also we have business hours like you and not being reachable sometimes costs another day. We usually ship on Thursday.
  • Minimum shipping handling Charge is $8.00.   $5.00 each additional.
  • Minimum Shop Charge is $50.00


  • Surprisingly the easiest thing to ship is a long gun. It is OK and desirable to send long guns in unmarked boxes or factory, cases, not soft field cases or Pelican type hard cases. All the shippers will take ground on a long gun. They may be sent intact, via the ground and please make sure they are unloaded.  
  • Spend one day here and see what comes in and you will become a believer.  Make sure your name is clearly on the case and /or box.  We might not package the return the way you do based on the packaging. Note: It amazing how some boxes even get here.


  • For disassembled handguns, you must enclose a parts list with a total number of parts. Almost every manufacturer has on their website, schematics of their guns or use Numrich at to help you learn the names or numbers of parts for both modern and older firearms.  We confirm those parts when the firearm gets here.
  • Note: A detailed parts list should be made and enclosed or $10.00 will be charged for us to make one. We are not responsible for missing parts WITHOUT a parts list. If you do not know the name of a part, just make a tracing of the parts enclosed. 
  • State preferred returned shipping method through UPS, FEDEX :  Ground, Next Day, Etc. In this heightened era of sensitivity and security to weapons, firearms, guns, spears, rockets and slingshots, it is almost a necessity to ship returned firearms via UPS or FEDEX.   
  • So please do the following.  Purchase a DELIVERY CONFIRMATION CARD FROM UPS:  By doing this, it will add $5.00 to your bill and it insures there is a signature for your package. Statistics show signed packages have less losses.


  • Shipping changes initiated by UPS/FEDEX/USPS in 1999 have made the following instructions the RULES of the ROAD literally.   Recently they have gotten stricter due to the rising gun sales and more consumers arming themselves shall we say robustly. And the agencies have taken stricter rules and penalties.
  • Do not under any circumstance try to circumvent the system as you will receive visitors who do not have a sense of humor, wear black clothing, jackboots and arrive on black helicopters (According to the NRA)
  • Only a licensed dealer can ship to another licensed dealer through the US mail.
  • Only State, Federal Law Enforcement agencies and US Military organizations can ship fully functional handguns.  
  • For those of you who think this unfair, this is not our decision. We get a lot of complaints from customers about UPS and FedEx not shipping their functional firearms ground. Fine we understand, but you do not want your firearm found or used in an investigation and neither do we.  Just think of the lawyer fees if your weapon was stolen and used in a serious altercation.
  • Please read the following links, for UPS and Fed-Ex. This will explain THEIR policy on shipping firearms.  It’s more restrictive with FED-EX unless you are an account holder.
  • UPS - It used to be Complete Handguns, defined as those that will launch a projectile, or if the parts in the box can be assembled to launch a projectile, can and will only be shipped NEXT DAY AIR via UPS.  Now in their latest ruling any receiver or frame period must go NEXT DAY AIR.

REGULATIONS FOR UPS - United Parcel Service guidelines/firearms

REGULATIONS FOR FEDEX - Federal Express guidlines/firearms




  • NOTE:   We do not ship firearms or parts COD.
  • We do accept the following most popular credit cards, only American express has a surcharge.
  • American Express is also acceptable BUT there is a 5% surcharge for using this card. Thats not us, thats them. Remember that nothing is free in this world and thats how they make up the slack for their promos like points and free flying.  They whack the merchant and we simply pass it on.
  • We also accept Postal Money orders

  • We do not reimburse carrier fees from you to us for returned or merchandise under warrantee.
  • We take Visa, MasterCharge, and Discovery cards.  Make sure if paying by credit card you include the credit card number, the expiration date and the secure number located on the back of the card. Our machines require that code number to process.  
  • Remember to include a Visa, MasterCharge card or Discovery  card number, expiration date and the SS three digit number on the back. Those who choose not to, will have additional handling charges added to their bill. 
  • Billing address should match shipping if not please notify us. or we will get a reject from the credit card company.
  • Again, make sure if paying by credit card you include the secure number located on the back of the card.
  • This works for some, just send a Postal money order and if additional work is ordered we call and ask for your Visa, MasterCharge card or Discovery  card number, expiration date and the SS number ion the back. 
  • Those who choose not to, will have additional handling charges added to their bill. Billing address should match shipping if not please notify us or we will get a reject from the credit card company.


ACCURATE PLATING & WEAPONRY. INC. cares about your satisfaction. If you should have a problem, please call us at  1-334-585-9488 or write to above address. 
A new unfired firearm should be test fired before sending it to us. If it shows a defect it can be sent back direct to the manufacturer. We will test fire any firearm for a small fee for ammo and time. This pertains to both new and “ o called slightly used firearms” purchased from private individuals or at gun shows, etc.  being honest at times “slight” means different things to people.

Due to the ever changing conditions in the industry, prices are subject to change at any time without notice and all prices quoted over the phone are estimates only. Varying interpretations of condition, difficulty of alterations to specific weapons and/or time required to assemble or dis-assemble can effect the final pricing of the work you request.

What does REFIN  or REFIN REQUIRED mean?
If you see the word REFIN or REFINISHING used in any of our pricing tables next to or conjoined with a column or part it means a small sum is added to refinish the part after the gunsmith has done his work. This additional charge is to refinish the part after metal removal or reshaping whether by hand process (filing, stoning, grinding, buffing) or machine shop work such as saws , mills, surface grinders, or welding. Obviously when metal is removed or reworked some cosmetic changes have to take place to restore the part to match what it's supposed to. 

Due to the complexities of dealing with the Federal Warranty Law, AP&W does not offer a written warranty. We continue to stand behind our workmanship, and we do care about your satisfaction; but we cannot make guarantees or warranties of any kind.

What is your Basic Minimum Handling Charge?  It is being held at $8.00 for the first firearm we receive especially in this time in the economy. Additional firearms with the same order are $5.00 each. OUR minimum shop charge for services is $50.00

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