Carrier will transport and deliver firearms as defined by the United States Gun Control Act of 1968, between areas served in the U.S., but only between:


  • Licensed manufacturers; licensed dealers; licensed collectors.
  • Law enforcement agencies of the U.S. or any department or agency thereof; and law enforcement agencies of any state or any department, agency or political subdivisions thereof; or
  • Where not prohibited by local, state and federal law, from individuals to licensed importers, licensed manufacturers or licensed dealers (and return of same). 
  • Carrier cannot ship or deliver firearms C.O.D.

  • Upon presenting the goods for shipment, the person tendering the shipment to Carrier is required to notify Carrier that the shipment contains a firearm. 
  • The outside of the package(s) must not be marked, labeled or otherwise identify that the package(s) contains a firearm.

  • The shipper and recipient must be of legal age as identified by applicable law.

  • The shipper and recipient are required to comply with all applicable government regulations and laws, including those pertaining to labeling. 
  • The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives can provide assistance.

  • Carrier will transport small-arms ammunition when packed and labeled in compliance with local, state and federal law, and the Hazardous Materials section of this Service Guide. 
  • Ammunition is an explosive and must be shipped separately as hazardous materials. 
  • You agree not to ship loaded firearms or firearms with ammunition in the same package.


THE FEDEX - NRA National Rifle Association have made a deal.  To participate requires two steps if qualified.  

STEP ONE -  The NRA Business Alliance Supporting businesses that support your freedoms!

The NRA Business Alliance was established in 1992 to provide NRA member businesses with a marketplace to sell goods and services to fellow NRA members. The NRA’s Business Alliance web site, service directory, member magazines and promotions, and NRA member businesses reach nearly four million NRA members. 

NRA Business Alliance members also enjoy many benefits including NRA member magazines, NRA Endorsed Insurance and discounts on a wide range of business services all for $35 per year.

  • is the link for the NRA Business Alliance that a company can join  (a real business) that will allow them to utilize the agreement between NRA and FedEx. 
  • The process allows current NRA members that own a business to sign up for the NRA business alliance discount program.
  • Fill out the form and check the benefits.
  • The process should take around 10 days to be approved. 
  • Customers should note that if they already have a FFL that they currently use they can utilize them to ship firearms to us.
  • The process does not take any addition back ground checks and the firearm is logged into FFL as a repair and shipped to us.
  • We then in turn log in the firearm from that FFL and when the work is finished we ship and log out the firearm back out to the FFL that shipped it to us.
  • When the customer picks up the firearm it will then be logged out to the customer and that is the end of the finishing/repair process.
  •  Please contact me at if you have any questions.


STEP TWO                                                                      

FedEx and the NRA Business Alliance have teamed up to offer BIG savings on FedEx Express® and FedEx Ground® shipping, FedEx Freight® services and FedEx OfficeSM services. Simply enroll in the FedEx Advantage® program  using passcode FVMK8W13 or call 1-800-475-6708 for more information. 

You've always dreamed of owning your own business.

It might be more challenging than you thought. But you love being in charge and taking responsibility for making your dream a reality. You can’t imagine doing anything else that makes you feel as accomplished and proud.  

FedEx understands and applauds your passion and commitment. To help you realize your business dreams, we’re offering you an easy way to enjoy big savings on the services you use most.  Simply join the FedEx Advantage discount program. There are no enrollment fees or shipping quotas and sign-up is easy.

As a participant of NRA Business Alliance, you are eligible for the following discounts:

  • Up to 26% off select FedEx Express® U.S. shipping
  • Up to 18% off select FedEx Express international shipping
  • Up to 24% off select FedEx Ground® shipping
  • Up to 20% off select FedEx Office® services

Enrollment is free and there are no minimum shipping requirements to receive or maintain your discounts. To view a list of services available for firearm shipments, download the FedEx Services Matrix. For complete terms and conditions, please reference the Fed if anything is unclear.

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