DISCLAIMER NOTE:  We strive at Accurate to be as precise as we can on pricing and break things down so you totally understand this isn’t just a one size fits all industry.  Or the bigger hammer approach, so read this carefully.

Dis-Assembly and Re-Assembly of firearms is not included in the base pricing of the finishes as firearms vary in complexity and parts.  This is not field striping. It’s obvious the entire firearm is reduced to its smallest components, miniature screws, springs, and pins the manufacturer has selected any one of which if missing can cause a malfunction. 

In addition some parts are one of a kind, or handmade and if lost or broken would have to be hand built or replaced.  In some cases manufacturers made part combos never thinking they would be refinished, replaced or repaired.   

We work on long guns, big guns, small guns, broken guns and fairly often a few we get to repair the damage beset upon it by a lesser talented individual. With that in mind, our price list which we are not ashamed to put in print is out in the open and very large because the selection we work on is basically very large. We only have a few limitations.


There are State, Federal, and BATF legal regulations, safety concerns, and bad taste… Thus it requires you to read this very carefully.  It is a DISCLAIMER or what is called "the small print". 

•  Plating prices are not an exact science. Variations in condition, previous modifications and alterations plus normal wear and tear can affect the final price.

•  Also prices are effective immediately on all items and based on when received at Accurate Plating. 

•  When reading the charts, If you see the word REFIN or REFINISHING used in any of our pricing tables, next to, or conjoined with a column, or part, it means a small sum is added to refinish the part after the gunsmith has done the necessary filing, stoning,  grinding, buffing, welding or sawing.

•  Obviously when metal is removed or reworked some cosmetic changes have to take place to restore the part to match what it's supposed to be which is the final delivered finish after metalworking is done.

•  This pricing does not include disassembly or reassembly of firearms nor removal or reinstallation of optics. So start with the Basic Refinishing Prices and then look at the additional pricing charts to see if your gun applies. 

•  Our Minimum Shop Charges of FIFTY DOLLARS includes written estimates.  

•  Our Minimum Handling Charge is $8.00.

•  As always, extensive rust or pitting removal is extra.

•  Disassembly of firearms means completely disassembled, not field stripped.  

•  On all the newer S&W, Taurus and similar firearms with combined lock type integral safeties, their will be a $25.00 dollar surcharge to plate, repair, assemble and disassemble these products due to the extra parts incurred critical to the safety of the firearm.

•  A parts list must be completed with a total number of individual parts or you will be charged accordingly. if you do not know the name of the part just trace it with a fine Sharpie and denote "Whatever the hell this is".  That should cover it. There are sites on the web with schematics some good, some horrific. 

•  CERAKOTE, our ceramic finish is available in variations (Two tone) Thus if you wanted a green slide on a matt brown frame 1911, please call for a quote.

•  Very expensive long guns:  (over $3000) start at 10% of value.

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