Please, If you are interested in a speed quote for your firearm, or confused by the terminology, or logistics,you may call us and speak with our office manager, Malinda, a friendly human being.   No more cursing the phone cue out, with the usual language choice with press one for tamales, two for pizza and three for the fish sandwich which we are out of, and then they cut you off.   I once said if bullets could travel by phone there would be a lot of dead answering machines.

Some things are done better the old fashioned way. Like gun smithing, slow precision work. Less mistakes too. Email is fine but takes too long to type out those long answers and the phone is faster. 

a)  If you think you would rather speak with a human, the number is.           1-334-585-9488
b)  If you prefer the Fax, the number is                                                          1-334-585-0653
c)  If you prefer snail mail, our address is:     

A. P. & W, Inc.
5229 County Road 99  
Newville,   AL  36353

d)   Since you are at our website, the email is    
e)   If you need the webmeister, the email is     

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