Target - Plinking - Defense Basic Shooting


It was blue, rusted in places, worn in others but the barrel, parts and specifications were in good order, this we call a holster gun. More time in the saddle and less time on the range.

It was stripped of the past, the barrel was ported, the sights upgraded, the grips replaced with somewhat more modern rubber composites for a better grip and larger hand and then all parts were tuned, polished and matt-finished in Accurate's Chrome finish.

This is not grandpa's OLDSMOBILE, this is a modern update of a classic 4-5-6 inch medium to heavy frame Smith and Wesson, Could be a Taurus, Ruger or Colt that has seen better days and needed a new beginning.

We do this kind of alchemy five days a week, fifty-two weeks in a year and in all you'll have a firearm thats a lot better, newer features, better looks and performance than it was new. With the action job, grips and sight work, it does shoot better than new. In the hot .357 or forty plus calibers this is a great ALASKA camp gun or sidearm in bear country. Below it is the same thing in a Ruger.

Result: A Silk Purse from a Sow's Ear.

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