The 1911 Advantage Project

THE CONCEPT GUN 2011-2015  





  • One firearm with different tops, calibers and sights.

  •  Three calibers on one frame allowing you the flexibility to shoot any discipline and be legally correct for that discipline.

  •  Older shooters who have the realization that their skills are not World Class and decide that this gives them options at a much more affordable level while staying current in the equipment race.

  •  You always are shooting the same trigger pull in each discipline or caliber.

  •  If you decide to have the frame roughened ( Checkering, stippling) for a better grip that will also feel the same on every caliber you shoot, the grips the same.

  •  Changing the sights from standard adjustable to the Red Dot Fire Point or similar units can be done without loss of Zero. The Optima sight shown in the picture is no longer available. There are several newer versions by other manufacturers.

  •  This pistol doesn’t even have to be modified all at one time. It can be built in stages.

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