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From Camouflage Stocks to full house tunes and barrel works. These are just two variations of hand-crafted Camo available.

Finally an in-house facility that does the entire long rifle gun smithing, including critical scope installation, (and we support most major brands of Scopes) to refinishing your stock with the latest woodland camouflage patterns.

You can send us that old friend sitting in the gun rack and get back a modern camouflage hunting rifle with a new scope, mounts and a trigger job that will feel the same as your old friend, but look as modern as anything out there and perform like a new firearm.

In addition, we could shorten the stock and add new recoil pads or shorten the firearm for a young hunter, wife, girlfriend or both. What happens in Newville stays in Newville.

We also can install New Scope Rings and Mounts, if the old ones don't support that new scope, either custom or off the shelf brands.


And we can, and have made mounts, where non-existed before. Drilling and tapping, machining and refinishing are all in a days work and your firearm never leaves the factory. Want that straight bolt reshaped to clear the scope or want it jeweled, no problem, get it all done while its here. Prices are reasonable, and the workmanship is excellent.

Another part of the work we do is re-barreling and re-chambering. Re-barreling is less complicated. In this case, re-chambering sometimes isn't and might require the services of the expert re-chamberer in this field. It is very precise work and there are only a few we do trust to do that work.

The head spacing is critical, and now there are nine zillion calibers. To stock the reamers and cutters made for a particular caliber is very expensive, averages about 250.00 per gun. We are smart enough and care enough to make sure it is done right, thus we may send it to the specialist.

We do a lot of barrel shortening and crowning for those wanting a shorter deep brush gun or as one writer calls it a "Remington or Winchester Light".

We also, looking at the picture above, create and install Contour Muzzle Brakes on virtually any long gun. If you are a serious hunter and have an old friend on the rack, you probably have lots of accessories like loading dies and ammo, that still work after we make that old friend into a new acquaintance.


Finally, stock work you can believe in. Quality work in-house that looks better than new. We use the best Urethane available to make the wood parts of your firearm as nice as the refinished metal parts. Our prices are very reasonable. The average stock will run from $69.00 to $120.00. Complicated stocks, with difficult edging, checkering, etc. will range from $100.00 to $200.00. We offer finishes in satin, semi-gloss, and gloss.


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