Colt “Custom"


A term meaning we try new ideas all the time because that's what the Custom Gun business is and by having it on one firearm you have less to bring to shows and displays.

NOTE: We are not off the wall converters or importers. We don't have kits or throw together mass produced weapons. We take your firearm, parts from you or us and we make a real custom gun out of it. Lots of the IPSC guys had spare Colt-1911 parts, extra barrels and always shot the .38 super.

Thus many of our customers wanted a "Heavy carry" firearm equal to what they shot in competition and as a backup for their main firearm.

Many wanted a one of a kind OK, unique bragging piece. Sort of like dress watch.

Another reason for commonality in firearms was practice and a large portion of them were reloads and this meant one caliber ammo requirements and plenty of it. IPSC and IDPA emulate real (some not so real) situations and commonality of carry makes sense.

There are no borders in the custom gun business. You carry what you feel is appropriate for the conditions. You can carry everything from a stock .32 or .38 special to a full house .38 Super Custom Carry. This composite firearm is another of our “On going process firearms”.


Lightweight Combat Commander Frame combined with an Officers slide.

The finish is Black Chrome on the slide and the frame is Black Powder Coated. The Gold is Titanium Nitrite.

NOTE: Because of the pricing of GOLD, we had hoped to use Titanium Nitrate as a substitute. The plant we subbed the Nitrate to is not stupid, so they doubled the price of Titanium Nitrate with minimums exceeding common sense. We are holding off doing this at this time. Gold does not wear well, most of the kits you see on eBay will wear as well as that two dollar watch you got from China.

The firearm has Custom Stag Grips, and many of the parts are aftermarket. Mechanical work is stock gunsmithing we do here, action job, new trigger, melding of the adjustable rear sight and fiber optics front, etc. And in some type of "Combat shooting where the higher levels would qualify, this has many of the tricks of the full house guns, yet you can wear it home with you in legal carry states.

The custom comp is all Cogan Custom everyday process. When shooting it the first thing you notice is hardly any muzzle rise at all. Now run to your gun box and see what you have laying around.

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