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Ceramic Polymer Vs. (Paints and Powder Coatings)

Bob Cogan: I resisted bringing these finishes on line for quite a few years. It was due to the problems we had seen on firearms that had been done by other companies with Teflon, or Epoxy Coatings. Some of these home brew finishes involved cooking the Teflon in your kitchen stove. (Not a smart health move)

We work daily with vicious chemicals and have to observe many safety precautions and we caution you about fooling with these bottles of eBay magic that promise a lot and may deliver more than what you bargain for. There was one report of a refrigerator being shot by an errant bullet from a revolver that was ala-dente. Explain that one to your wife.

These problems mainly revolved around the application of coatings that were too heavy. The theory of a little is good, a lot is better does not apply here. We constantly get firearms in that need industrial stripping.

Thus the overage causes function problems. Also the softness of the coating wore off easily and exposed the bare uncoated base metal. Back to ground zero and Mr. Rust. We built and maintain our own equipment for the application of these products and we have nothing that looks like a kitchen stove.

Also the product is self lubricating which means weapons can operate with little or no lubricants. This makes it's excellent for the high cyclic rates most automatics have in competition.

Note: the slides on the left side are from the P11 Kel-Tec. The Standard .380 does not have dove-tails nor front site cuts or holes. The New Kel-Tec .380 with a slimmer top end is perfect for the back-up, light carry, casual operation.

It's small.

it's potent.

It's highly concealable.

Something this small, about the size of a dress wallet and weighing next to nothing will get to be along with you more often than something big and bulky. Half the time I never know I got mine with me, it's so comfortable. This guy is a joy to shoot with the porting taking care of the muzzle rise and felt recoil and now you have a choice of colors...more colors in stock... see below.

The low resolution of most home computers does not allow us to display this as beautiful or perfectly as we wish. A 30 inch Apple with RETINA3 Displays I use doesn’t capture the evenness and beauty of this process. Cerakote has the same problem on their website. Items with a checkmark on the color page are in stock, those without are extra cost. We do however have samples of their colors.

 CERAKOTE, is available in three variations…

One color, Two-tone and Camo

Thus if you wanted a green slide on a matt brown frame 1911, It would be $216.00 PLUS 25.00 OR $241.00 total. (See price chart for details)

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