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Another top product among the small arms of the world is without doubt the GLOCK "Safe Action" pistol. It employs innovative safety features which makes the pistol easy to operate. No other pistol offers a better price-performance ratio. Its minimum weight and legendary GLOCK reliability are unsurpassed.

So we took it one step further, with new High- Visibility sights, hard chromed top, a trigger job, polished ramp and it became my (the webmeisters) personal carry pistol in both a Galco shoulder and a Fobis rear saddle hip holster.

Which firearms are most commonly ported? Our most common request is for porting on virtually every model of the the Glock. Just about everyone takes advantage of our port and plate specials. After porting we chromed the top half. The brushed or matted top really adds class to the gun. it takes well to being a two tone as the square shape really accents the entire line of the firearm. In essence it lends visual "balance" to the firearm that set the bar in ergonometric designed frames that fit the way our hands are built and not an awkward hand position. It made better shooters out of some. It also fits both small and large hands better. The picture says it all. This particular weapon has had many rounds through it and cleanup involves nothing more than a Q-tip... It does really tame the 40 SW. and you really need it with the 357 SIG / 10mm configurations. Couple hunters I know, in the south, as a side arm use the 10mm on hogs where allowed.



A couple of years ago Dick Metcalf did an article in “Shooting Times” about the night vision effects of ported handguns. After actual testing with a stop watch, his conclusion was that there is virtually no difference in the time lapse of firing ported, or un-ported concealable firearms as it relates to loss of night vision from the flash.

What he did find was a better capability to put multiple shots on target with ported firearms after the first shot and subsequent loss of night vision from both un-ported and ported small handguns.


Another question we are asked is possible legal claims brought against an individual based on the ridiculous claim of building a “Better Killing Machine”. This accusation is ridiculous. FBI studies of after action reports show that most individuals shoot multiple rounds in armed encounters whether police officers, or civilians. Keeping this in mind, if you have to use your firearm to defend your life, or another person’s life, the most important thing is to be able to keep all your shots on the intended target. Porting makes this easier to accomplish.


Another question we are asked on ported weapons. Any short barreled handgun will deposit residue from the cartridge on the sight due to the presence of unburned powder. We have designed our porting systems to vent the gas in a manner that minimizes any adverse effect on front sights.


Our testing on Glock pistols, we do a ton of Glocks, showed an average loss of only 8 percent. When you consider the reasonable price we charge for this service, this is one of the best bargains in firearms modification.

Recoil reduction varies by caliber, bullet dimension, weight of the firearm and bullet weight. Our in-house experience shows Glock 23’s, a mid-size pistol and cartridge combination having about a ½” of muzzle rise after porting. 45 cal pistols fall in the same range. 38 cal (9mm) pistols shoot almost flat.


The camp splatter finish you see here is unique. It combines the desert colors with the stippled grip, total function and hold ability plus a low visuality. The one drawback is if you dropped in in the sand you might not be able to find it.

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