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Few companies can do in volume and complexity what Accurate Plating and Weaponry, Inc. does, thus this site can be intimidating and quite large at first. Some products will be eliminated, and some new processes installed. And the ongoing battle to get cheaper shipping rates for you goes on. Like styles in clothing, cars and college tuition, some things go away, some things come back and some things go up. See the shipping page for our latest information.


As of 10-23-2015, we will not be accepting any BRIGHT POLISH work. The costs associated with this type of work due to the higher standards we maintain have gone off the charts. Our work in the past has been impeccable but our two Bright Chrome polishers are Bob Cogan, our CEO and our Shop Foreman. There are just so many hours in a day and our method of bright polishing is artistry and not severe buffing, a very time consuming process with many steps.

In the time it takes to do one BRIGHT POLISH we can totally refinish five conventional firearms and our commercial work for the gun industry, the Military and Police Departments has recently doubled. Unless you live under a rock in the north forty of the Tetons, you understand. In fact, we will be adding another Chrome Tank line to our plant for commercial work.

It is virtually impossible to get help of the quality demanded by the level of the quality Bob demands. Too many advertise they do bright polish but worn edges, broken engraving, lost logos are not the way we do it. And some sent to us for repair of sloppy or cheap bright work have been beyond repair. We can’t add what has been removed or distorted by hack jobs. Some can be resurrected by other processes like texture and stippling, or re-engraving we offer and salvage the piece.

As of 10-23-2015, we will be discontinuing Black Chrome. Our upgraded two step and heavier Black CERAKOTE FINISH is more durable and less prone to scratching. Testing in the field and hunting in some sloppy weather have extensively tested both methods and the factory CERAKOTE finish we apply is now superior to Black Chrome.


The price list will be in the same location but many specific firearms will have their pricing on their page when available.

Please update your browser as most cache systems on Explorer, Safari, Google, Chrome, FireFox and others do not do this automatically and when they reload the older pages get preference and you might be looking at old news. It takes a lot of time to get things right on these pages and we apologize if we missed something.


Is available in PDF where it belongs. CLICK HERE


We may be found on both FACEBOOK and GUN BROKER. Occasionally we may have specials and specific firearms for sale on GUN BROKER and can ship to your local dealer to complete the transaction.



She runs the office and knows whats happening, and though the website is huge there is no such thing as a question deserving an answer not being responded too. Another thing we do is try to explain a lot more than some others do. An informed firearms owner is a safer owner. Many of these firearms shown are customers guns. Some are our personal firearms, and you won't be able to tell the difference.

Please READ the site first, if you are interested in a speed quote for your firearm, or confused by the terminology, or logistics,you may call us and speak with Romae, a friendly human being. No more restaurant menus cursing the phone cue out, with the usual language choice with press one for tamales, two for pepperoni pizza and three for the fish sandwich which we are out of, and then they cut you off. I once said if bullets could travel by phone there would be a lot of dead answering machines.

Some things are done better the old fashioned way. Like gun smithing, slow precision work. Less mistakes too. Email is fine but takes too long to type out those long answers and the phone is faster.

a) If you think you would rather speak with a human, the number is. 1-334-585-9488

b) If you prefer the Fax, the number is 1-334-585-0653

c) If you prefer snail mail, our address is:

 A. P. & W, Inc.

5229 County Road 99

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d) Since you are at our website, the email is


Basically a upsurge in the bigger automatics, in some places bigger is better, and Tactical long guns because of the volatile unrest this spring and it appears to be a long hot summer.

Gun sales skyrocketed and attendance in concealed carry classes is also up. Folks are just looking out for themselves and they have a right too. Smaller concealed firearms being tuned and refinished are coming in daily. We do some outstanding work on the smaller carry weapons such as the PPK 380 especially those that were black and now are mat finish chrome, with a tune that Bob is superb at.

There are many bargains out there as police departments re-configure and we take used guns all day long and make them better than when they came out of the box. I’ll stick with the handgun and shotgun as my defensive tools. One puts food on the table and other keeps it for you. We do a lot of Glocks and Sigs, S&W’s etc. for Chrome topping and porting. Our sight business is up too.


Porting and Compensators

Hi-Visibility Sights

Trigger Jobs

Hard Chrome Top Ends

Chrome Internal Parts


One of the most essential and simple elements of improving your shooting techniques relies on the elimination of recoil and muzzle rise especially those using a two-tap system of combat shooting.

Consider Porting, your competitor did. Many Police departments are selling off their used guns like the SiG shown here which was reworked and better than new.

Similar configurations are available for most semi-automatics. Including - 1911 Style Pistols - Beretta - Smith & Wesson - - CZ - Taurus - HK - Ruger - some legacy firearms too.


The diversity of the Colt 1911 is what makes it the firearm for all seasons.

Long slides are excellent target guns, and when appropriate, great hunters because of the longer sight plane.

Plus, there are a bevy of combinations based on the fact the Colt has so many different size slides, both steel and aluminum models and frames.

Tuned and properly equipped with good adjustable sights they are a match for most occasions where high but controllable power is needed like deer and hog handgun hunting especially with these new rounds.

New, a .460 Rowland does qualify as a good choice in bear country. Also new are the .45 Super, the .45 SMC and the .460 Rowland wildcat is getting a lot of attention.

These are as good as a rifle in some cases (CQ range) especially in bear, cougar and wolf country when using the woods bathroom and in case you forgot your rifle while shooting your reality show for TV.


Here is another thought about the Colt. Since there are many parts available, one could have one slide and barrel for hunting, and another caliber for competition, another slide for carry with fixed combat sights.

ou can change the calibers in some combinations as shown on the Concept gun above. A carry with a short top in the 40 plus calibers is a respect earner no matter where your path takes you. This was the idea behind the Concept guns we make.

Multi purpose for multi style competition retaining the same grip and “feel".

A. P. & W, Inc.

5229 County Road 99

Newville, AL 36353

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This site covers all firearms types, all refinishing chemistries, all gunsmithing processes for the four basic firearms designs, information on the shooting sports, and thats how it is split below, some groups are so popular and diverse the amount of information given forced us to split them into their own pages so freely use the tabs at the top with the "drop-downs" and just scroll and click. You also have next arrows at the top for speed readers.

There may be one section or more that might overlap in information or you may have to see two sections to get an answer. Especially if you are getting extensive gunsmithing done, you now move to finishing and have a choice of finishes or perhaps contrasting finishes like a Black bottom half and Chrome top. Other simple one page sites with limited quality pictures and a price list indicate the scope of their qualifications.

Most places stick to one firearm they specialize in. Thats both good and bad. Many of us are diverse in our taste and interests and own more than one style of firearm. We want to deal with a Gunsmith, not an assembly line for each item. Both our senior smiths are well schooled in all phases and styles of weaponry and with about 70 years of experience add Bob’s forty years and it’s impressive.

If, you are contemplating sending one of your most prized possessions to someone else, read our website and then compare. We want you to know who we are and what we do.


This article is the most descriptive written paper on the basics of weapon refinishing ever offered to the consumer. It's not alchemy, but we have made a few silk purses out of some G-d awful sows ears".

Refinishing adds life to a firearm you have had success with, almost makes it look and feel like a new firearm at a fraction of the cost. It restores pride of ownership and it's value. It is designed to answer 95 percent of the questions you might have about what we do as far as refinishing goes. Ninety-nine percent of the time the finish goes before the usefulness of the firearm and usually thats when you get hammered on trade. We have made many firearms newer than new.


What most people do not understand is the importance of the different enhancements that a custom Gunsmith can perform. Most firearms out of the box have unique characteristics, some good, some bad, sooner or later you realize a little gunsmithing can make it better. Bigger hammers are not the answer, metal removal or addition to a specific part, adjustments and reshaping effect every aspect of function.

From trigger jobs to full accurizing here are some of the basic terms and pricing. Since many types of firearms make up the industry, some specific models can be altered more than others. So we categorize or highlight them for your convenience. And we include general pricing.


Fiber Optic Sights make a dramatic difference in picking up and focusing on the front sight. This is especially true when the shooter is under pressure in competition, hunting, or a real life threatening encounter.

Our most common request is for porting on virtually every model and make of semi-automatics, especially Glock's and Sigs. It does really tame the 40 SW. and you really need it with the 357 SIG and 10mm versions of the GLOCKS. All other makes and models are port-able.


The how too's, ordering, mailing, UPS, COD, and just about everything else. Disclaimers, shipping information, best way to ship, returns, warranties. Shipping firearms involves State and Federal regulations and not to be sneezed at. You must adhere to the rules, the penalties are severe.


There isn't enough room on this website or three others like it to cover everything we have done to the 1911 series. The 1911 can be adapted for Target, Carry, Personal Defense, War, Plinking, Hunting, Critter Ridder, Presentation, Collecting, and just plain Adoration. See also "The Competitive Edge" which has the modern caliber 1911 adapted for various calibers and disciplines for competition. From the Browning High Power to the Sig's, Beretta's, Glocks , Cz's, Kel-Tecs and Rugers. we do it all for he plinker to the all out competitor


Colt - S&W - Taurus - and others, There will be several sections here on revolvers, for target shooting, carry, competition, hunting and for the LADIES, the lighter newer small carry guns might have a section of their own. included are the single action colts.

The fastest growing Action Shooting Sport today is Cowboy Action Shooting. There are many baby boomers running around today who grew up with the likes of Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, the Lone Ranger, Hopalong Cassidy, and the notorious Black Bart. They still ride today, pardner...


People buy carry guns with the hopes that they will never have to use them. The reality is, it's the anticipation is that they might need them. Tailoring a carry firearm to the individual is more critical, than tailoring a target firearm to an individual's needs. The stakes are higher, this is one of the most popular sections...


Since we all hunt here we know what rifles are for. Let us show you what we can do for your rifle of choice and few ideas you might not of thought of. We are hunters, so tell us your best story and we'll maybe put it in print. Send us your best recipe and we’ll share that too. Bob Cogan is a self proclaimed carnivore.

We do a lot of work for SWAT, OPS, LRPS, SRT, SAR, and a couple SOB's we know. Most of whom would rather not be mentioned here. They are in-country anyway.

We work on all makes and types of shotguns. From Hunting, Trap, Skeet, Sporting Clays to IPSC and Cowboy Action. The shotgun has always been the workhorse of the firearms industry and from a few select pictures it will give you an idea of what's available in options for the shotgun of your choice.

Currently, SKS and AK, AKM Rifles range in price all over the map because of recent popularity and price for an assault grade firearm and the economy of ownership. They were manufactured in a myriad of countries and to this day there are thousands of new ones probably buried in Chinese, eastern bloc nations and weapons caches through out the world just waiting for the next uprising or conflict.

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