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Accurate Plating and Weaponry is the best plating and gunsmithing source for Kel-Tec's. Bob Cogan is the most experienced technician on upgrading these pistols. We simply have more experience than anyone else.

Bob will tell you. "Look again at the logo. Remember the joke about bringing a knife to a gunfight. Now this is a knife sized pistol with more than two shots and very concealable! That's a Kel-Tec .32. And the Kel-Tec .32 never needs sharpening! I carry two of their pistols 10 to 12 hours per day, often 7 days a week.”

Photo Editor's Note: The photo of the Kel-Tec nine firearm is real, only the hand was provided by a professional stunt hand model. No hands were injured in the filming of this particular shot, couple eardrums left the building. This pistol on the left gets more abusive treatment in a week than most people’s pistols get in a year.

As Bob says, dust from bead blasters, grit from polishing wheels and chemicals from plating processing tanks have been all over this handgun. I test fire the pistol several rounds every week on my indoor range before whipping down and blowing the goop out of it with the high pressure air nozzle. It has never failed to work. Simplified maintenance.

Here is a Kel-Tec .380 done in Desert Sand with a splatter camouflage top we recently finished for a customer. There are a million possibilities and combinations to really make these small carry and protection firearms uniquely yours.

The KEL-TEC .32 is virtually print-less as a concealed carry. So I added one in to my carry guns. The 9mm rides on my hip and the .32 is pocketed. Fully loaded, these two pistols weigh only 22 ounces together.


You get used to carrying it with you, these small Kel-Tecs have little or no printability with the fine holsters by DeSantis, Galco, Fobus and Blackhawk.

Sometimes I have to check to make sure they are still there and thats an advantage over some of the carry pistols especially in the summer time when you are simply wearing less.

If you look at the carry section I’m not going to try and tell you that my Kel- Tecs are the finest firearms I own. I have some nice firearms. As far as price is concerned, the .380 has the firepower of a PPK Walther. I have firearms which cost a lot more, but they are the most convenient one's I own. Also they are the least expensive firearms I own. Why do I carry Kel-Tecs? There are several good reasons.

The 32 auto’s fully loaded with 8 rounds weigh only 8 ounces. Unless you wear skin tight pants, it doesn’t print at all in your front pocket. 32 ACP Mag-Safes make this a formidable defensive weapon.

First, they work, that’s real damn important if you have to use it to save your butt. Second, they’re extremely comfortable to carry. This is especially true in hot weather conditions like when it's 95 degrees and 95 percent here in ALABAMA when you can’t wear a jacket, or a vest and you don’t like wearing your shirt outside your pants or no shirt at all. And they are Economical, these pistols average around $300.00 - $377.00 retail based on finish with a lifetime warranty.


The bigger Kel-Tec pistols are available in 9mm and 357 SIG. These pistols will accept high cap S&W magazines.

Sometime minor fitting is needed in the magazine catch slot in the magazine to lock them up. So in 9mm you can carry a 15 rd backup magazine with 11 rounds ready to go in your 14 oz. pistol.

The Kel-Tec 9mm, .40Cal., and 357 SIG offer a lot of firepower for the dollar. The larger framed pistols are also capable of interchanging top ends from 9mm to 357 Sig. Cost of an additional Slide-barrel System…call for the latest pricing. These higher powered units are a handful.


Negatives, well, wimp wrists beware. The full size pistols do recoil handsomely. That’s a challenge to those who don't shoot frequently. It's not Kel Tec’s fault, it’s yours.

They built what you wanted. So you practice control. This is a reasonably priced super lightweight carry gun in a full blown man stopping caliber. Recoil and muzzle rise is the price you pay for this.

Don’t go away yet. AP&W has a cure for this problem. We can port your slide and barrel for $108.00 and reduce recoil and muzzle flip by 50%. Now it's controllable


I consider this the most important modification on these pistols, especially the 357 SIG, or the 40 S&W’s that were in production for a couple of years and they are desirable on the used market .

I shoot a lot because of what I do for a living. I’m 6’2” and have a 48” chest, 38” waist, grip like steel and I have a difficult time controlling these pistols rapid fire.

Read the section on porting and pay close attention to the stray bullet part. If you can hire an Attorney for $108.00, I don’t think I’d want him to represent me. Last thought and this is important. These are defensive pistols. Do not evaluate them as target pistols. Fifteen yards and under is optimum shooting distance.

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