The long guns

Finally an in-house facility that does the entire long rifle, shotgun, and military gun smithing, including critical scope installation, (and we support most major brands of Scopes) to refinishing your stock with the latest woodland camouflage patterns.

You can send us that old friend sitting in the gun rack and get back a modern camouflage hunting rifle with a new scope, mounts and a trigger job that will feel the same as your old friend, but look as modern as anything out there and perform like a new firearm.

You can send in your shotgun for a complete work over into a Homeland Security Firearm for your Home-and Land! Start here


From Camouflage Stocks to full house tunes and barrel works. These are just two variations of hand-crafted Camo available.

Finally an in-house facility that does the entire long rifle gun smithing, including critical scope installation, (and we support most major brands of Scopes) to refinishing your stock with the latest woodland camouflage patterns.

You can send us that old friend sitting in the gun rack and get back a modern camouflage hunting rifle with a new scope, mounts and a trigger job that will feel the same as your old friend, but look as modern as anything out there and perform like a new firearm.

In addition, we could shorten the stock and add new recoil pads or shorten the firearm for a young hunter, wife, girlfriend or both. What happens in Newville stays in Newville.

We also can install New Scope Rings and Mounts, if the old ones don't support that new scope, either custom or off the shelf brands.

And we can, and have made mounts, where non-existed before. Drilling and tapping, machining and refinishing are all in a days work and your firearm never leaves the factory. Want that straight bolt reshaped to clear the scope or want it jeweled, no problem, get it all done while its here. Prices are reasonable, and the workmanship is excellent.

Another part of the work we do is re-barreling and re-chambering. Re-barreling is less complicated. In this case, re-chambering sometimes isn't and might require the services of the expert re-chamberer in this field. It is very precise work and there are only a few we do trust to do that work.

The head spacing is critical, and now there are nine zillion calibers. To stock the reamers and cutters made for a particular caliber is very expensive, averages about 250.00 per gun. We are smart enough and care enough to make sure it is done right, thus we may send it to the specialist.

We do a lot of barrel shortening and crowning for those wanting a shorter deep brush gun or as one writer calls it a "Remington or Winchester Light".

We also, looking at the picture above, create and install Contour Muzzle Brakes on virtually any long gun. If you are a serious hunter and have an old friend on the rack, you probably have lots of accessories like loading dies and ammo, that still work after we make that old friend into a new acquaintance.


Finally, stock work you can believe in. Quality work in-house that looks better than new. We use the best Urethane available to make the wood parts of your firearm as nice as the refinished metal parts. Our prices are very reasonable. The average stock will run from $69.00 to $120.00. Complicated stocks, with difficult edging, checkering, etc. will range from $100.00 to $200.00. We offer finishes in satin, semi-gloss, and gloss.


What could of changed the outcome from the Police Emergency like in California's LAPD shootout with the two heavily bulletproof vested bank robbers and their AK-47's? Possibly a one-ounce slug from a properly built 870 might of knocked the perp down. Sheer weight and velocity knockdown power.

We won't be a Monday morning quarterback but the LAPD did rethink the equation on the streets. Cruisers may contain a shotgun and or assault type rifle now and they upped their 9MM to forty as many departments have done.

Basically, the 870's, 1100, 1187's and the Mossberg Lineup are accessory guns. like icing on a cake they thrive for upgrading and we have been doing it for as long as we have been in business. Many of the parts bolt on or merge together replacing a part.

You know the drill. Long capacity tube, oversize safety, large shell racker, oversize fee lip, plastic stock and fore piece, ghost sights, scope mounts, WE DO IT ALL. But you've seen them before all over the web.

The difference is in the tuning and staging, the final assembly and attention to detail and a knowledge of the parts and add-ons we know are superior to some out there.


Don't get me wrong, we build several a week and will be happy to build one for you. BUT, we like to apply the AP &W magic once in a while to something that really stands out. This is a custom gun.

Look at the custom accoutrements around the trigger and shell release. It started as a medium priced or medium grade shotgun. The wood which was excellent was redone and high glossed.

The metal was matted and chromed, the trigger reduced, the loads adjusted, and voila! Our version of the Winchester adapted for IPSC.

Though the Remington's are more abundant and popular, I doubt if you placed this firearm on your shoulder you would want to give it back. Though we do not divulge owners names on some of these products, you would hand this one back very smartly and say "Sir" when you did.

Considering the amount of Remington's we do to Winchesters this one is a classic. Or as we say "out of the gun box".

These custom metal fittings are hand made in our shop if not available commercially on the market.

Look how nice the slide ejector release is contoured to flow with the receiver and also note the checkering on the safety release.

This is what the Cogan Custom shop is all about. There is more as you look at the front end of this Winchester.

We made custom high visibility sights and fixtures.

The reduced length barrel was refitted for new chokes and the fore cones re-configured to reduce recoil.

An extended magazine tube was added and chromed to match the firearm.

Finally the barrel was ported to complete this very fine looking and shooting winchester.


THE COACH GUN Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS) requires competitors to use firearms typical of the mid- to late 19th century: single action revolvers, lever action rifles chambered in pistol calibers, and side-by-side double barrel shotguns (also referred to as a Coach Gun – with or without external hammers, although automatic ejectors are not allowed) or 1897-style pump-action shotguns with external hammers.

Winchester 1887 lever-action shotguns and Colt Lightning pump-action rifles are also legal. Both original and reproduction guns are equally acceptable. All CAS handguns must be "single-action", meaning that the hammer must be manually cocked before each shot can be fired.

Competition in a CAS match generally requires four guns: two period revolvers, a shotgun, and a rifle chambered in a centerfire revolver caliber of the type in use prior to 1899. Some CAS matches also offer side events for single-shot "buffalo rifles", derringers, etc. Replica firearms are available from companies such as Ruger, Colt, Uberti, Pietta and U.S.

Lots more coming… we are extremely busy with Sniper rifle work.


In this budget exercise we took a SKS of Yugoslavian parentage, though it might be Romanian, Russian, Czechoslovakian or Chinese and decided to see what we could do with it. They sell from anywhere around $89-$199.00 retail, some more some less and readily available at most gun shows and today backyard sales, your local gang headquarters and supermarkets.

There are lots of them being grabbed as they work, they are inexpensive and host of goodies available, and have a track record of being feared by many. It’s not something you wave around, since you shortly might be experiencing the “incoming syndrome”.

There are also mass quantities of surplus ammo at reasonable pricing. This drove people to buy firearms they might never have considered purchasing until they thought they might not be able to buy them any more. But then the steel tipped ammo became a threat and was removed from the market. I still see some at gun shows, under the table.

For several years ammo costs for 7.62x39 were comparable to .223 (5.56) ammo or higher and demand for these rifles dropped. Currently, the ammo situation has changed. Even better ammo is available from Wolf and actually depending on the level of paranoia really priced right. Generally these are good shooters, and with good ammo, VERY good shooters. The triggers are outrageous out of the box, but the functioning is very good. And with a little TLC, you would be surprised what this firearm will do.


I personally dropped a running 8- point buck whose live weight was a little over 200 lbs. using my Chinese SKS Carbine with one shot to the boiler room. He did a 2 1/2 somersault after impact and stopped cold. Now this isn’t a 300 Win Magnum, but it does get you moving in the right direction. And you don’t need a .300 win mag on a 200 pounder.

This is a great starter rifle. A great camp protection rifle. With soft points great for hogs, smaller bears and convicts escaping from the road work.

Any firearms instructor will tell you that real practice is what makes good shots. Active participation is the only means to accomplish shooting skills. So this is where the SKS comes in, more bang for your buck because of the abundance of ammo for training and big enough to get most bucks.


My main concern would be the rifles bore condition. There is no economical fix for a rusted out bore. Fortunately many brought in were still in cosmoline, which is the trade name for a generic class of rust preventatives, conforming to MIL-C-11796C Class 3, from overseas caches and never fired.

Al calls it “ Bear grease” and doesn’t wash out, so if you got one this way and want to clean it wear your worst old clothes, and DO NOT throw them it in the washing machine or the first person to use the SKS will be your wife and you’ll be on the wrong end.


My Suggestion - Personally, I prefer the Open Sights. This is a great bad weather rifle. One you could loan to a friend and not worry about that glass finish on that Weatherby.

A rifle that could easily put fast food on the table, the kind of utility camp rifle, left alone in the Jeep, leaning against the wall in the camp shack. And it will be happy to be there.

It wasn't made for 500 yard shots. But it will do well at shorter ranges and with the soft-tips devastating clean kills. If however you want to take it up a notch please continue, here are some additional choices.


Can replace some really cheap trees. Several companies make after market Polymer stocks for these rifles. Average cost is around $60.00 and they really compliment the Matte Chrome finish

There is also a way to convert them legally to use a removable magazine. Average cost per magazine is $35.00 with fitting, so they lock in and come out correctly. Do not try this yourself, it’s more complex than you think. You can ruin the firearm. One last thing about the SKS…


The original stock system can be cut off, fitted with a pad for younger shooters. The low basic recoil makes this an ideal first hunting rifle for a young person, or for a woman who is of small stature and recoil sensitive. As the kids grow, fit them into a Polymer.


Which is another good reason you want us to look at it. Unfired stored guns after cleaning should be test fired in a suitable location by someone who know what to look for. We will do that for you for a small service charge and make sure nothing is blocking or clogging the bore or imbedded in the lands and grooves. Many of these later models had chrome bores in them.

The SKS is a well made rifle with the basic parts being machined, not stamped sheet metal like the AK 47. In addition, they field strip easily for cleaning and maintenance. Many of these firearms never had a round through them. They were in storage. I guess the right revolution didn't come along. The money revolution came along as they had guns and we had money. Guns made by literal slave labor were bringing hundreds of dollars.

Bob wanted something of a brush gun or utility gun when sitting out there in the rain waiting for the rust to collapse the steel tree stand. Small and compact to fit in the four wheeler, and the caliber and pricing of the SKS seemed to fit in place. A very good brush gun with a sufficient weight bullet, so he did some AP&W magic and came up with his updated version.


The trigger pull is horrid, just like every other firearm from SOVIET BLOC countries, it is common for them to have terrible trigger pulls. Long pull and a long trigger guard since the weather dictated gloves in the Soviet bloc. And it has no set point. But it does go off sooner or later. The cost to tune one is $95.00 to 4+ lbs. so it goes off when you think it will. This price includes hard chroming the internal parts to prevent wear, establish hard points and you know where you are, and protection in bad weather.

The original sights on these rifles are battle sights and crude. Williams makes a replacement rear that we install Green Fiber Optic pins in. Your cost is $50.00 installed. By changing the original front to an AK front and with a little more AP&W magic, you have a front Fiber Optic in red. If you can’t pick up this sight picture, it’s time for some serious eye examinations, or you are color blind. The front sight costs $50.00. It’s basically hand made.

Glass Optics - If you are more into optics, several offer a scope mount that locks into the rear adjustable sight housing and doesn’t move. The base is designed for Weaver Style rings and can be used for Dot Scopes, or the HOLOsight , or “Scout” style Long Eye Relief Scopes. Sights on the dust cover just don't cut it.

The best combo cost-wise is probably the Dot Scope. The base costs $37.00 and Dot Scopes can be bought for as little as $50.00 and as much as $400.00. But they are fast and with a good trigger extend your range.


  • Improved Cogan rear sight fiber optic custom made for the SKS.

  • Forward sight modification shown with the front fiber optic insert. 

  • In addition note the cogan custom compensator which literally eliminates muzzle rise. 

  • I doubt if there is a faster sight - shoot - picture around

. These are great brush guns and the low cost of the ammunition adds great value to the usability factor. plink, train or hunt.



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